Academy Member Directory

The Academy is comprised of luminaries from advertising, media, entertainment and technology. Members are grouped into juries based on their individual areas of expertise. The Marketing & CMO juries are responsible for judging the Shorty Awards for brands & organizations.

Photo of Gerard Adams
Gerard Adams

Millennial Mentor & Serial Entrepreneur

Photo of Kymberlie  Adams
Kymberlie Adams

Director, Social Media, ASPCA

Photo of Stephanie Agresta
Stephanie Agresta

CEO, Growth Accelerator for Startups

Photo of Sana Ahmed
Sana Ahmed

Vice President, Digital, Edelman

Photo of Shawn Ahmed
Shawn Ahmed

Founder, The Uncultured Project

Photo of Maryam Al-Khawaja
Maryam Al-Khawaja

Europe Director, Physicians for Human Rights

Photo of Hassan S. Ali
Hassan S. Ali

Creative Marketing Director, Onion, Inc.

Photo of Nancy Amestoy
Nancy Amestoy

Communications Consultant, Accenture Federal Services

Photo of Ron Amram
Ron Amram

Global Media and Digital Lead, HEINEKEN

Photo of Kurt Andersen
Kurt Andersen

Novelist and Public Radio Host

Photo of Matt Andree Wiltens
Matt Andree Wiltens

Director of Publicity, Amblin Partners

Photo of Mathias Appelblad
Mathias Appelblad

Former Group Creative Director, TBWA\Media Arts Lab

Photo of Lee Applbaum
Lee Applbaum

CMO, Patrón Spirits International AG

Photo of Anselmo Araujo
Anselmo Araujo

Vice President, Global Creative, Storyful - Newscorp

Photo of Paul Armstrong
Paul Armstrong


Photo of John Attanasio
John Attanasio

CEO & Co-Founder, Toonstar

Photo of Ashleigh Axios
Ashleigh Axios

Former White House Creative Director and Digital Strategist

Photo of King Bach
King Bach


Photo of Stephanie Bagley
Stephanie Bagley

SVP Business Development & Operations, Charity Miles

Photo of Dennis Bajec
Dennis Bajec

Chief Creative Officer, Resource/Ammirati, an IBM Company

Photo of Rachel Barek
Rachel Barek

Managing Director, AKQA

Photo of Nancy Barnes
Nancy Barnes

Editor and EVP, Houston Chronicle

Photo of Jeff Barrett
Jeff Barrett

CEO, Status Creative

Photo of Scott Barrett
Scott Barrett

Freelance Brand + Digital Strategist

Photo of Dante  Barry
Dante Barry

Executive Director, Million Hoodies Movement for Justice

Photo of Yank Barry
Yank Barry

Founder, Global Village Champions Foundation

Photo of Michael Bassik
Michael Bassik

EVP, Managing Director and President, Global Digital Operations, MDC Partners Inc.

Photo of John Battelle
John Battelle

Founder, Federated Media; Author, The Search; Co-Moderator, Web 2.0 Summit

Photo of Scott Beale
Scott Beale

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Laugh Squid

Photo of Matt  Bean
Matt Bean

SVP of Editorial Innovation, Time Inc.

Photo of Scott Beaudoin
Scott Beaudoin

Chief Strategy Officer & Executive Managing Director, Corporate & Brand Purpose, RF|Binder

Photo of David  Beck
David Beck

Co-Founder, BRaVe Ventures

Photo of John H. Bell
John H. Bell

VP, Enterprise Digital Marketing, Travelers

Photo of Ryan A Bell
Ryan A Bell

Media Specialist, NASA JPL

Photo of Craig Benzine
Craig Benzine

YouTuber, WheezyWaiter

Photo of Caitlin Bergmann
Caitlin Bergmann

Partner, Director, Content & Creative, MediaCom

Photo of David Berkowitz
David Berkowitz

Principal, Serial Marketer

Photo of Leslie Berland
Leslie Berland

CMO, Twitter

Photo of Pat Berry
Pat Berry

Executive Producer / Director, CÅNNØN & GÖÖDSHIP

Photo of Yukun Bi
Yukun Bi

Head of Planning, Hylink Digital

Photo of Nick Bilodeau
Nick Bilodeau

Head of Marketing, Insurance, AMEX

Photo of Ben  Blakesley
Ben Blakesley

Director, Global Social Media, Reebok

Photo of Kevin Bleyer
Kevin Bleyer

Writer/Producer, Netflix

Photo of Naama Bloom
Naama Bloom

Founder and CEO, HelloFlo

Photo of Amir  Blumenfeld
Amir Blumenfeld

Comedian, Jake and Amir

Photo of Neil Blumenthal
Neil Blumenthal

Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Warby Parker

Photo of Linda  Boff
Linda Boff


Photo of Jon Bond
Jon Bond

CEO, Tomorro\\\

Photo of Susan Borst
Susan Borst

VP, Mobile, IAB

Photo of Michelle Bottomley
Michelle Bottomley

Chief Marketing Officer, New York Life Insurance Company

Photo of Conor Brady
Conor Brady

Chief Creative Officer, Critical Mass

Photo of Alexis Bronstorph
Alexis Bronstorph

Executive Creative Director, TAXI

Photo of Alton Brown
Alton Brown

Bestselling Author and Foodist

Photo of Lee Brown
Lee Brown

Chief Revenue Officer, BuzzFeed

Photo of Marques Brownlee
Marques Brownlee

Web Video Producer

Photo of Mike Bruno
Mike Bruno

VP, Digital Content, Billboard

Photo of Kimberly  Bryant
Kimberly Bryant

Founder, Black Girls CODE

Photo of Kyle Bunch
Kyle Bunch

Managing Director, Partnerships, R/GA Ventures

Photo of Jon Burk
Jon Burk

Director - Marketing/Digital Strategy, Producer - Digital Content, Al Roker Entertainment, Inc.

Photo of Kevin Burke
Kevin Burke

Head of Acquisition, Square

Photo of Jessica Burns
Jessica Burns

Vice President, Brand Marketing and Creative, Grubhub

Photo of Doug Busk
Doug Busk

Global Group Director, Digital Communications & Social Media, The Coca-Cola Company

Photo of Jessica Byrd
Jessica Byrd

Principal, Three Point Strategies

Photo of Heather C. McGhee
Heather C. McGhee

President, Demos

Photo of Jess Cagle
Jess Cagle

Editorial Director, People and Entertainment Weekly

Photo of Susan Cain
Susan Cain

Chief Revolutionary and Co-Founder, Quiet Revolution

Photo of David Callaway
David Callaway

Editor-in-Chief, USA Today

Photo of Sabrina Caluori
Sabrina Caluori

VP, SM; Performance Marketing, HBO

Photo of Luanne Calvert
Luanne Calvert

VP and CMO, Virgin America

Photo of Nick Cannon
Nick Cannon

Host, America's Got Talent; Founder of NCredible Entertainment; and Chairman of TeenNick

Photo of Tim Carr
Tim Carr

VP of Digital & Social Marketing

Photo of Charlene Carruthers
Charlene Carruthers

National Director, Black Youth Project 100

Photo of Goldie Chan
Goldie Chan

Founder, Warm Robots

Photo of William Charnock
William Charnock

Founder, Alteration Advisors

Photo of Andrea Chen
Andrea Chen

Executive Director, Propeller

Photo of Rachel Christensen
Rachel Christensen

Managing Social Media Editor, BuzzFeed Life

Photo of Tricia Clarke-Stone
Tricia Clarke-Stone

CEO, WP Narrative_

Photo of Corey Clayton
Corey Clayton

Director of Social Media, WWE

Photo of Valerie Comparetto
Valerie Comparetto

Partner, Social Practice Director, MediaCom

Photo of Jessica Cook
Jessica Cook

Viner and Entertainer

Photo of Audrey Cooper
Audrey Cooper

Editor, The San Francisco Chronicle

Photo of Kima Cooper
Kima Cooper

Director, Content & Community, Birchbox

Photo of Amy Cosper
Amy Cosper

Editor-in-Chief, Entrepreneur Media

Photo of Dana Cowin
Dana Cowin

Creative Director & Evangelist, Chefs Club International

Photo of Gemma Craven
Gemma Craven

Head of Social & Mobile, McCann

Photo of Dennis Crowley
Dennis Crowley

CEO and Co-Founder, Foursquare

Photo of Noel Cruz
Noel Cruz


Photo of Maura Curtin
Maura Curtin

Marketing and Strategy Consultant, Three Furies

Photo of J.  Cyrus
J. Cyrus

Viner and Influencer

Photo of Sonal Dabral
Sonal Dabral

Group Chief Creative Officer & Vice Chairman, Ogilvy & Mather

Photo of Jack Daley
Jack Daley

Senior Director, Marketing - Connected Fitness @ Under Armour

Photo of Toby Daniels
Toby Daniels

Co-founder & CEO, Crowdcentric Media

Photo of Soraya Darabi
Soraya Darabi

Co-Founder, Zady

Photo of Josh Darnit
Josh Darnit

Viner and Entertainer

Photo of Rachael Datz
Rachael Datz

VP/Director of Social Strategy, Digitas

Photo of Ashlie Daubert
Ashlie Daubert

Director of Branded Content, Collab

Photo of Kathy Delaney
Kathy Delaney

Global Chief Creative Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness/Publicis Health

Photo of Cedric Devitt
Cedric Devitt

Chief Creative Officer, Big Spaceship

Photo of Rob Dickens
Rob Dickens

Associate Director of Global Strategy, MediaCom

Photo of Matthew DiGirolamo
Matthew DiGirolamo

Chief Communications Officer, L’Oreal USA

Photo of Bonnie DiJoseph
Bonnie DiJoseph

Senior Creative Strategist, Vanguard

Photo of Derek T. Dingle
Derek T. Dingle

SVP and Chief Content Officer, Black Enterprise Magazine

Photo of Dino Dogan
Dino Dogan

CEO and Founder, Triberr

Photo of Stevie Dove
Stevie Dove

VP Strategy, Publicis Sapient

Photo of Zoe Dowling
Zoe Dowling

Lead Research Strategist, FocusVision

Photo of Vic Drabicky
Vic Drabicky

Founder and CEO, January Digital

Photo of Jonathan Dube
Jonathan Dube

GM, William Morris Endeavor | IMG

Photo of Mark Durney
Mark Durney

Senior Vice President, Digital, Porter Novelli

Photo of Erin Dwyer
Erin Dwyer

VP, Digital, Drunk Elephant

Photo of Esther Dyson
Esther Dyson

Founder, EDventure Holdings

Photo of Kristen  D’Arcy
Kristen D’Arcy

Head of Performance Marketing and Media, American Eagle Outfitters

Photo of Daniel Eilemberg
Daniel Eilemberg

Chief Digital Officer, Fusion

Photo of Jordan Ellner
Jordan Ellner

Sr. Director of Talent and Digital Development, Comedy Central

Photo of Adam  Enbar
Adam Enbar

CEO, Flatiron School

Photo of Jason English
Jason English

Editor-in-Chief, Digital, Mental Floss Magazine

Photo of Jean English
Jean English

Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, NetApp

Photo of Sarah Evans
Sarah Evans

Digital Correspondent and Strategist, FAVES + CO

Photo of Sid Evans
Sid Evans

Editor-in-Chief, Southern Living

Photo of Judith Evers Berei
Judith Evers Berei

Excedrin Global Brand Head & Pain Relief Digital Monetization Lead, GSK Consumer Healthcare

Photo of Eve Ewing
Eve Ewing

Sociologist and Writer, University of Chicago

Photo of Justine Ezarik
Justine Ezarik

YouTuber, iJustine

Photo of Caterina Fake
Caterina Fake

Founder and CEO, Findery; Cofounder, Flickr and Hunch

Photo of Louis Faranda
Louis Faranda

General Manager and Talent Producer, Caroline's on Broadway

Photo of Josh Felser
Josh Felser

Co-Founder, Freestyle, Spinner, Crackle and @hashtagclimate

Photo of Timothy Ferriss
Timothy Ferriss

Author, Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, and Public Speaker

Photo of Benny  Fine
Benny Fine

YouTuber, The Fine Bros

Photo of Rafi  Fine
Rafi Fine

YouTuber, The Fine Bros

Photo of Kathryn  Finney
Kathryn Finney

Founder & Managing Director, digitalundivided

Photo of Ellyn Fisher
Ellyn Fisher

SVP, Marketing and Communications, The Ad Council

Photo of James Fishler
James Fishler

Head of Sales, Beats by Dre - Americas

Photo of Alle Fister
Alle Fister

Principal, Bollare

Photo of Derek Flanzraich
Derek Flanzraich

Founder, Greatist

Photo of Katherine Fliflet
Katherine Fliflet

VP Social Change, Ogilvy Washington

Photo of Patrick Ford
Patrick Ford

Worldwide Vice Chair and Chief Client Officer, Burson-Marsteller

Photo of Brian Fouhy
Brian Fouhy

Creative Director/ Art Director, CP+B

Photo of Stefan Frank
Stefan Frank

Director of Social Media, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

Photo of Gabrielle Frost
Gabrielle Frost

CEO, Buddy Project, Inc.

Photo of Stephen Fry
Stephen Fry

Actor and Writer

Photo of Amymarie  Gaertner
Amymarie Gaertner

Dancer and Social Influencer

Photo of Neil Gaiman
Neil Gaiman


Photo of Porter Gale
Porter Gale

Speaker and Start-up Advisor

Photo of Lauren Gallo
Lauren Gallo

Head of Talent and Content Marketing, Snapchat

Photo of Boris Gartner
Boris Gartner

CEO, LaLiga North America

Photo of Alicia Garza
Alicia Garza

Special Projects Director, National Domestic Workers Alliance

Photo of Brittany  Geldmacher
Brittany Geldmacher

Global Brand Strategy & Communications Executive

Photo of Mike Germano
Mike Germano

Chief Digital Officer, Vice Media, Inc.; CEO, Carrot

Photo of Dave  Gilboa
Dave Gilboa

Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Warby Parker

Photo of Nikki Glaser
Nikki Glaser


Photo of Renny Gleeson
Renny Gleeson

Global Director Interactive Strategy, Wieden+Kennedy

Photo of Dick Glover
Dick Glover

CEO and Co-Founder, Funny or Die

Photo of OK Go


Photo of Kenny Gold
Kenny Gold

SVP/Director of Social, Grey

Photo of Allison Goldberg
Allison Goldberg

Managing Director and VP, Time Warner Investments

Photo of Margo Goodhand
Margo Goodhand

Editor, Edmonton Journal

Photo of Timothy Goodman
Timothy Goodman

Visual Artist & Designer, Timothy Goodman LLC

Photo of Scott Goodson
Scott Goodson

CEO/Founder, StrawberryFrog

Photo of Gigi Gorgeous
Gigi Gorgeous

Activist, YouTuber and Author

Photo of Corinne Gray
Corinne Gray

Co-founder & CEO, Uncomfortable Revolution

Photo of Amy Green
Amy Green

Global Platforms Marketing Manager, Ford Motor Company

Photo of David Greenbaum
David Greenbaum

Principal, True Impact Partners

Photo of JoAnn Grigioni
JoAnn Grigioni

Vice President, Talent for Comedy Central

Photo of Martin Grosse
Martin Grosse

Founder & CEO, Showhost, KÖNIGSKLASSE#1

Photo of Allan Gungormez
Allan Gungormez

Head of Strategy,

Photo of Magnus Gylje
Magnus Gylje

Chief Digital Officer, Nobel Media

Photo of Cathy Hackl
Cathy Hackl

Futurist, AR VR Author + Enterprise Strategy at Magic Leap

Photo of Leslie Hall
Leslie Hall

President and Co-Founder, ICED Media

Photo of MC Hammer
MC Hammer

Entertainer and Entrepreneur

Photo of Matt Hantz
Matt Hantz

SVP, M Booth

Photo of Brian Harrington
Brian Harrington

Entrepreneur in Residence, Shea Center for Entrepreneurship, Boston College

Photo of Mamrie  Hart
Mamrie Hart

Comedian and YouTuber

Photo of Sophie Hauptfuhrer
Sophie Hauptfuhrer

Executive Strategy Director, Havas New York 

Photo of Brooke Havlik
Brooke Havlik

Communications Officer, Open Society Foundations

Photo of Dominik Heinrich
Dominik Heinrich

Vice President Global, Product Innovation and LAB13, MRM//McCANN

Photo of Bruce Henderson
Bruce Henderson

Chief Creative Officer, Jack Morton Worldwide

Photo of Kara Hendrick
Kara Hendrick

Manager of Global Digital Strategy & Brand, Velcro Companies

Photo of Peter Heneghan
Peter Heneghan

Head of Communications, LADbible Group

Photo of Brittany Hennessy
Brittany Hennessy

Talent Director, Hearst Branded Content Studio

Photo of Darren Herman
Darren Herman

VP, Content Services, Mozilla

Photo of Brian Anthony Hernandez
Brian Anthony Hernandez

Senior Editor of Music & Culture,

Photo of David Hessekiel
David Hessekiel

President, Engage for Good

Photo of Angela  Hill
Angela Hill

CEO & CCO, Incitrio

Photo of Jerome Hiquet
Jerome Hiquet

CMO, Tough Mudder Inc.

Photo of Naomi Hirabayashi
Naomi Hirabayashi

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Shine

Photo of Caroline  Hirsch
Caroline Hirsch

Owner of Caroline's on Broadway

Photo of Sarah Hofstetter
Sarah Hofstetter

President, ComScore

Photo of Mike Hopkins
Mike Hopkins

NASA Astronaut

Photo of Pam Horan
Pam Horan

Partner, Horan MediaTech Advisors

Photo of Sabrina Horn
Sabrina Horn

President and CEO, HORN

Photo of Jake Horowitz
Jake Horowitz

Founder, Mic

Photo of Brad Hunstable
Brad Hunstable

Founder and CEO, Ustream

Photo of Tara Hunt
Tara Hunt

CEO + Partner, Truly Social Inc.

Photo of Jake  Hurwitz
Jake Hurwitz

Comedian, Jake and Amir

Photo of Alberto Ibargüen
Alberto Ibargüen

President, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

Photo of Joi Ito
Joi Ito

CEO, Creative Commons; Director, MIT Media Lab

Photo of Josh Jaffe
Josh Jaffe

General Manager, Media, Ingenio

Photo of Nancy Jeng
Nancy Jeng

Product Marketing Manager, Pinterest

Photo of Wilhelmina Jewell Sparks
Wilhelmina Jewell Sparks


Photo of Jamal Jimoh
Jamal Jimoh

Head of Urban Programming & Revenue, Premier Music Group

Photo of Cody  Johns
Cody Johns

Viner and Entertainer

Photo of Allison Jones
Allison Jones

Marketing & Publications Director, NTEN

Photo of Bryan Jones
Bryan Jones

VP of Marketing, Dell and Global 500

Photo of Megan Jones
Megan Jones

Senior Director, Client Strategy & Service, January Digital

Photo of Justin Kan
Justin Kan

Partner, Y Combinator; Co-Founder, and

Photo of Dina Kaplan
Dina Kaplan

Founder, The Path; Co-Founder,

Photo of Josh Karpf
Josh Karpf

Director of Social Marketing, DraftKings

Photo of Quinn Katherman
Quinn Katherman

Creative Director/ Copywriter, CP+B

Photo of Jay Katsir
Jay Katsir

TV Writer, The Colbert Report

Photo of Jake Katz
Jake Katz

SVP, Strategy at Trailer Park

Photo of Lewis Kay
Lewis Kay

Co-CEO, Kovert Creative

Photo of Patrick Keane
Patrick Keane

President, Sharethrough

Photo of Amy Keller Laird
Amy Keller Laird

Editor-in-Chief, Women's Health Magazine

Photo of David Kellis
David Kellis

Director of PR and Social Media, Clorox

Photo of Seth Kelly
Seth Kelly

Creative Director, Reprise

Photo of Andy Kindler
Andy Kindler


Photo of Jeff Klein
Jeff Klein

Managing Director, DKC

Photo of Howie Kleinberg
Howie Kleinberg

President, GLOW

Photo of Lucia Knell
Lucia Knell

Director of Brand Partnerships, Upworthy | GOOD

Photo of Matthew Knell
Matthew Knell

Social Customer Experience Lead, Samsung Electronics America

Photo of Paul Kontonis
Paul Kontonis

Chief Marketing Officer, WHOSAY/Viacom

Photo of Pete Krainik
Pete Krainik

Founder and CEO, The CMO CLUB

Photo of Michael Kress
Michael Kress

Editorial Director, NY Metro Parents; Editorial Consultant

Photo of Mike Krieger
Mike Krieger

Co-Founder, Instagram

Photo of Bryce  Kristensen
Bryce Kristensen

VP of Social and Interactive Experiences, E!

Photo of Carol  Kruse
Carol Kruse

CMO, Cambia Health Solutions

Photo of Zane Lamprey
Zane Lamprey

Host and Producer; Chug, Drinking Made Easy, Three Sheets

Photo of Ashlee Lange
Ashlee Lange

Founder + CEO, Lotus Digital

Photo of Emil  Lanne
Emil Lanne

Executive Creative Director, Critical Mass

Photo of Jessica Lauretti
Jessica Lauretti

Founder & Principal, Laurels

Photo of James Lecesne
James Lecesne

Co-Founder, The Trevor Project

Photo of Jennifer Lee
Jennifer Lee

CEO, Plympton

Photo of Cindi Leive
Cindi Leive

Editor-in-Chief, Glamour Magazine

Photo of Andrew Levine
Andrew Levine

Co-Founder & CMO, Green Matters

Photo of Dan Lewis
Dan Lewis

Sr. Director, Digital Marketing, Sesame Workshop

Photo of Carie Lewis Carlson
Carie Lewis Carlson

Senior Director, Digital Marketing, The Humane Society of the United States

Photo of Rebecca Lieb
Rebecca Lieb

Co-Founder & Analyst, Kaleido Insights

Photo of Bill Litfin
Bill Litfin

Chief Digital Officer, Ologie

Photo of Todd Lombardo
Todd Lombardo

Managing Director, Brand & Social, The Many

Photo of Brian Lovell
Brian Lovell

Founder, RED Interactive Agency

Photo of Kelly Lovell
Kelly Lovell

Youth Mobilizer & CEO, Lovell Corporation

Photo of Simon Lowden
Simon Lowden

President, Global Snacks and Insights, PepsiCo

Photo of Golriz Lucina
Golriz Lucina

Senior Vice President of Content and Creative, SoulPancake

Photo of Joel Lunenfeld
Joel Lunenfeld

VP, Global Brand Strategy, Twitter

Photo of James MacPhee
James MacPhee

Executive VP and Chief Claims Officer, Liberty Mutual Insurance

Photo of Davan Maharaj
Davan Maharaj

Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, Los Angeles Times

Photo of Aasif  Mandvi
Aasif Mandvi

Actor and Director

Photo of Jenna Marbles
Jenna Marbles


Photo of Christie Marchese
Christie Marchese

CEO, Picture Motion

Photo of Lucy P. Marcus
Lucy P. Marcus

CEO, Marcus Venture Consulting; Columnist, Reuters

Photo of Vincent Marcus
Vincent Marcus

Viner and Entertainer

Photo of Andy Markowitz
Andy Markowitz

General Manager of Performance Marketing Labs, GE

Photo of Eduardo Marques
Eduardo Marques

Chief Creative Officer, Publicis Spain/Publicis Emil/Wysiwyg/Nurun

Photo of Erik Martin
Erik Martin

Lead Entrepreneur, Nike

Photo of Gus Marulanda
Gus Marulanda

Associate Creative Director, Verizon

Photo of Marc  Mathieu
Marc Mathieu

CMO, Samsung

Photo of Angela Matusik
Angela Matusik

Executive Editor - Digital, InStyle

Photo of Justin McConney
Justin McConney

Digital Marketing and Social Media Consultant

Photo of Tressie McMillan Cottom
Tressie McMillan Cottom

Assistant Professor of Sociology, Virginia Commonwealth University

Photo of John McNeel
John McNeel


Photo of David Melançon
David Melançon

Managing Director of Corporate and Public Affairs, Edelman

Photo of Rosemary Mercedes
Rosemary Mercedes

EVP & Chief Communications Officer, Univision

Photo of Rebecca Messina
Rebecca Messina

Global Chief Marketing Officer, Uber

Photo of Alyssa Milano
Alyssa Milano

Actress, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur

Photo of Chris  Miller
Chris Miller

DVP of Global Brand Strategy and Innovation, Abbott

Photo of Noah Miller
Noah Miller

Founder, The Sports Crave

Photo of Peter Minnium
Peter Minnium

President, US, Ipsos

Photo of Jeff Mirman
Jeff Mirman

VP, Marketing, Turner Sports

Photo of Andy Mitchell
Andy Mitchell

Director of News and Global Media Partnerships, Facebook

Photo of Kenny Mitchell
Kenny Mitchell

Head of Consumer Engagement, Gatorade

Photo of Janet  Mock
Janet Mock

Author, Activist, TV Host

Photo of Jim Mollica
Jim Mollica

Head of Digital Marketing and Content, Under Armour

Photo of Bipasha Mookherjee
Bipasha Mookherjee

Associate Creative Director/Copy, McCann New York

Photo of Darnell L.  Moore
Darnell L. Moore

Senior Correspondent, Mic

Photo of Greg Moore
Greg Moore

Editor, The Denver Post

Photo of Jordan Moran
Jordan Moran

Director, Digital Marketing, Primary Wave Entertainment

Photo of Gwen Morrison
Gwen Morrison

CEO, The Americas, The Store – WPP

Photo of Brian Morrissey
Brian Morrissey

Editor-in-Chief, Digiday

Photo of Frank Moss
Frank Moss

Co-Founder and Chairman, Twine Health Inc. and Inc.

Photo of Deepica Mutyala
Deepica Mutyala

Founder & CEO, Live Tinted

Photo of Maz Nadjm
Maz Nadjm


Photo of Jonathan Nafarrete
Jonathan Nafarrete

Social Media Strategist and Photographer

Photo of Matt Navarra
Matt Navarra

Global Social Media Director, The Next Web

Photo of Doug Neil
Doug Neil

EVP, Digital Marketing, Universal Pictures

Photo of Matt Nelson
Matt Nelson

Owner, WeRateDogs

Photo of Craig Newmark
Craig Newmark

Founder, Craigslist

Photo of Tim Noakes
Tim Noakes

Former Editorial Director, Dazed & Confused Magazine

Photo of Chris Noble
Chris Noble

CEO, Matchfire

Photo of Nneka Norville
Nneka Norville

Director, Corporate Social Responsibility & Communications, BET Networks

Photo of Tyler Oakley
Tyler Oakley

YouTuber and Entertainer

Photo of Alexis Ohanian
Alexis Ohanian

Co-Founder, Reddit

Photo of Minjae Ormes
Minjae Ormes

Head of Marketing, Visible

Photo of John Osborn
John Osborn


Photo of Ashley Owen
Ashley Owen

Strategy Director, Ayzenberg

Photo of Grant Owens
Grant Owens

Chief Strategy Officer, Critical Mass

Photo of Jennifer Owens
Jennifer Owens

Editor, Spring.St

Photo of Dr. Mehmet Oz
Dr. Mehmet Oz

Host, The Dr. Oz Show

Photo of Anna Pakman
Anna Pakman

Vice President, Digital Marketing, Empire State Development

Photo of Tom Parker
Tom Parker

Chief Creative Officer, Edelman

Photo of Joao Passarinho Netto
Joao Passarinho Netto

VP Digital Strategy, Jotacom

Photo of Richard Pattinson
Richard Pattinson

Global SVP, BBC StoryWorks

Photo of Dave Peck
Dave Peck

Global Head of Social Media, PayPal

Photo of Lucas Peon
Lucas Peon

Executive Creative Director, J. Walter Thompson London

Photo of Jonathan Perelman
Jonathan Perelman

Head of Digital Ventures, ICM Partners

Photo of Melanie Perkins
Melanie Perkins

CEO and Co-Founder, Canva

Photo of Maggie Perlick
Maggie Perlick

Partner, Number Twelve Marketing

Photo of Jennifer Perri
Jennifer Perri

Vice President, Univision Creator Network

Photo of Nick Phelps
Nick Phelps


Photo of Bill Phillips
Bill Phillips

Editor-in-Chief, Men’s Health Magazine

Photo of Carolina Pichardo
Carolina Pichardo

Co-Founder and Editor, Young Urban Moms

Photo of Elizabeth Pigg
Elizabeth Pigg

SVP, Director Paid Media, Edelman Digital

Photo of Daniel  Pink
Daniel Pink

Author, To Sell is Human

Photo of Sandrine Plasseraud
Sandrine Plasseraud

Founder and CEO, We Are Social France

Photo of Michael Platco
Michael Platco

Snapchat Influencer, Founder of TEN:FIFTEEN Creative

Photo of Nicholas Platt
Nicholas Platt

Founder, Chief Executive Officer, LO:LA

Photo of Tod Plotkin
Tod Plotkin

Principal, Green Buzz Agency

Photo of Dennis Plucinik
Dennis Plucinik

President & Founder, ATTCK

Photo of David Pogue
David Pogue

Tech columnist, Yahoo; Author, The World According to Twitter

Photo of Maria Popova
Maria Popova

Founder and Editor, Brain Pickings

Photo of Mary Ann Porch
Mary Ann Porch

Marketing and Communications Manager, IWC

Photo of Michele Promaulayko
Michele Promaulayko

Editor-in-Chief, Yahoo Health

Photo of Mike Proulx
Mike Proulx

Chief Innovation Officer, Hill Holliday

Photo of Horacio "Chacho" Puebla
Horacio "Chacho" Puebla

Chief Creative Officer, MullenLowe Western Europe

Photo of Emma Pueyo
Emma Pueyo

Freelance Creative Director

Photo of Douglas Quenqua
Douglas Quenqua

Independent Journalist

Photo of Judith Rachel King
Judith Rachel King

Owner, CEO, King + Company

Photo of Aza Raskin
Aza Raskin

VP, Innovation, Jawbone

Photo of Jesse Redniss
Jesse Redniss

Co-Founder, BRaVe Ventures

Photo of  Retta

Stand-Up Comedian and Actress

Photo of Anthony Roberts, Jr.
Anthony Roberts, Jr.

Digital Marketing Manager, NASCAR Digital Media

Photo of Pedro L.  Rodriguez
Pedro L. Rodriguez

VP, Business Growth, Digital Marketing & Transformation, Horizon Media

Photo of Olan Rogers
Olan Rogers

Filmmaker and YouTuber

Photo of Keum Roling
Keum Roling

PR & Communications Manager, BDO Global

Photo of Josh Rose
Josh Rose

Chief Creative Officer, Multi-Platform Campaigns, Weber Shandwick

Photo of David Rosenberg
David Rosenberg

Former EVP and Managing Partner, IPG Media Lab

Photo of Jim Rosenberg
Jim Rosenberg

SVP and Chief Communications Officer, Accion

Photo of Josh Rosenberg
Josh Rosenberg

Co-Founder and CEO, Day One Agency

Photo of Dave Rosner
Dave Rosner

EVP, Head of Marketing, Collab

Photo of Daniel Roth
Daniel Roth

Executive Editor, LinkedIn

Photo of Jennifer Rowland
Jennifer Rowland

EVP, Group Management Director, FCB

Photo of Kelle Rozell
Kelle Rozell

Director, Marketing & Social, VICELAND

Photo of Adam Rubins
Adam Rubins

CEO, Way To Blue

Photo of Michael Rudin
Michael Rudin

Founder + Creative Director, Armed Mind

Photo of Linda Rutherford
Linda Rutherford

Senior Vice President, Chief Communications Officer, Southwest Airlines

Photo of Shawn Sachs
Shawn Sachs

Partner and CEO, Sunshine Sachs

Photo of Thomas Sanders
Thomas Sanders

Viner and Entertainer

Photo of Destin Sandlin
Destin Sandlin

YouTuber, Smarter Every Day

Photo of Matthew  Santoro
Matthew Santoro

YouTuber and Periscoper

Photo of Dan Savage
Dan Savage

Author; Co-Founder, It Gets Better Project

Photo of Ian Schafer
Ian Schafer

CEO, Deep Focus

Photo of Clint Schaff
Clint Schaff

Vice President, Strategy and Development, Los Angeles Times

Photo of Paul Scheer
Paul Scheer

Actor and Comedian

Photo of Nev Schulman
Nev Schulman

Producer, Writer, and Television Host

Photo of Robert Schwartz
Robert Schwartz

Chief Marketing Officer, Carat

Photo of Adam Scott
Adam Scott

Actor and Comedian, NBC's Parks and Recreation

Photo of Carrie  Shade
Carrie Shade

Founder, Against Suicide

Photo of Shiza Shahid
Shiza Shahid

Co-Founder and Global Ambassador, The Malala Fund

Photo of Peter Shankman
Peter Shankman

Founder, HARO

Photo of Carrie  Sheffield
Carrie Sheffield

Founder & CEO, Bold

Photo of Tim Shey
Tim Shey

Producer and Startup Founder

Photo of Adam Shlachter
Adam Shlachter

CMO, Group Nine Media

Photo of Jacob Shwirtz
Jacob Shwirtz

Global Head of Media & Entertainment - Growth Partnerships, WeWork

Photo of Adi Sideman
Adi Sideman

Founder and CEO, YouNow

Photo of Lars Silberbauer
Lars Silberbauer

Global Director Social Media and Search, LEGO Group

Photo of Luís Silva Dias
Luís Silva Dias

CEO, FCB International

Photo of Shiv Singh
Shiv Singh

Head of Global Brand Marketing Transformation, Visa

Photo of Shivika Sinha
Shivika Sinha

Director of Digital Marketing, Alex & Ani

Photo of Adina Smith
Adina Smith

SVP, Integrated Marketing, Brand & PR

Photo of Rob Smith
Rob Smith

Founder / CEO, The Phluid Project

Photo of Marie Sornin
Marie Sornin

VP, Marketing and Sales, NextVR

Photo of Sergio Spaccavento
Sergio Spaccavento

Executive Creative Director, Conversion

Photo of Sree Sreenivasan
Sree Sreenivasan

Cofounder, Digimentors

Photo of Cory  Staudacher
Cory Staudacher


Photo of Emily Steel
Emily Steel

Reporter, The New York Times

Photo of Don Steele
Don Steele

SVP Marketing & Audience Development, Fusion Media Group

Photo of Todd Steinman
Todd Steinman

Partner and CEO, M80

Photo of Randa Stephan
Randa Stephan

EVP, Service Innovation, Weber Shandwick

Photo of Bret Stephens
Bret Stephens

Columnist, The Wall Street Journal

Photo of Chad Stoller
Chad Stoller

Managing Partner, IPG Media Lab

Photo of Jimmie Stone
Jimmie Stone

Chief Creative Officer, New York & Latin America, Edelman

Photo of Calvin  Stowell
Calvin Stowell

Chief Growth Officer,

Photo of Robyn Streisand
Robyn Streisand

Founder / CEO, The Mixx

Photo of Bill Strickland
Bill Strickland

Editor, Bicycling Magazine

Photo of George Strompolos
George Strompolos

Founder and CEO, Fullscreen

Photo of Katie Sturino
Katie Sturino

Founder, The12ishStyle and Megababe Beauty

Photo of Michael Sugden
Michael Sugden


Photo of Jonny Sun
Jonny Sun

Screenwriter and Author

Photo of Josh Sundquist
Josh Sundquist

Author, We Should Hang Out Sometime; YouTuber

Photo of Dave Surgan
Dave Surgan

Creative Agency Partner, Facebook/Instagram

Photo of Mark Suster
Mark Suster

General Partner, Upfront Ventures

Photo of Jeff Tan
Jeff Tan

SVP, Mobile, Dentsu Aegis Network

Photo of Don Tapscott
Don Tapscott

Author, Speaker and Advisor on Media, Technology and Innovation

Photo of Andrew Teixeira
Andrew Teixeira

Account Executive, VaynerMedia

Photo of Marta L.  Tellado
Marta L. Tellado

President & CEO, Consumer Reports

Photo of Scott Terry
Scott Terry

Senior Production Business Affairs Manager, Annex

Photo of  The Fat Jew
The Fat Jew

American Social Media and TV Personality

Photo of Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas

Chief Innovation Officer, Sierra Club

Photo of Kaya  Thomas
Kaya Thomas

Student, iOS Developer

Photo of Nickie Thongton
Nickie Thongton

Senior Art Director, McCann New York

Photo of Jim Tobin
Jim Tobin

President, Carusele

Photo of Eric Toda
Eric Toda

Global Director of Marketing, Gap Inc

Photo of Charlie Todd
Charlie Todd

Founder, Improv Everywhere

Photo of Lilian Tomovich
Lilian Tomovich

Chief Experience & Marketing Officer, MGM Resorts International

Photo of Natalie Tran
Natalie Tran


Photo of Leigh Anne Tuohy
Leigh Anne Tuohy

Author and Motivational Speaker

Photo of Susan Tynan
Susan Tynan

Founder & CEO, Framebridge

Photo of Aaqib Usman
Aaqib Usman

Founder, Midwest Immersive

Photo of Nika Vagner
Nika Vagner

Director of Social Marketing, AMC Networks

Photo of Carolina Valencia
Carolina Valencia

Multicultural Marketing & Digital Communications Executive

Photo of Valerie Vargas
Valerie Vargas

SVP – Advertising, Creative Services & HelloLab, AT&T

Photo of Deena Varshavskaya
Deena Varshavskaya

Founder and CEO, Wanelo

Photo of Ana Villegas
Ana Villegas

Marketing Director, Dell

Photo of Anna Maria Virzi
Anna Maria Virzi

Senior Writer, Gartner

Photo of Deborah Wahl
Deborah Wahl

CMO, McDonald's USA

Photo of Jimmy Wales
Jimmy Wales

Founder, Wikipedia

Photo of David Walmsley
David Walmsley

Editor-in-Chief, Globe and Mail

Photo of Kerri  Walsh Jennings
Kerri Walsh Jennings

Olympic Gold Medalist, U.S. Beach Volleyball Team

Photo of Bryan Warman
Bryan Warman

SVP Digital Marketing, Warner Bros.

Photo of Tim Washer
Tim Washer

Tim Washer, Executive Producer, Rich Media Marketing

Photo of Marlon Wayans
Marlon Wayans

Comedian and Actor

Photo of Taras Wayner
Taras Wayner

EVP Chief Creative Officer US, R/GA Media Group

Photo of Tony Weisman
Tony Weisman

Chief Marketing Officer, Dunkin' Brands

Photo of Gregg Weiss
Gregg Weiss

VP and Business Leader of Social Media, MasterCard

Photo of Matt Weiss
Matt Weiss

Global CMO, Havas Worldwide

Photo of Natasha Wescoat
Natasha Wescoat

Artist & Founder, Art Career Academy

Photo of Christine Whitemarsh
Christine Whitemarsh

Senior Account Supervisor, Zeno Group

Photo of Donnie  Williams
Donnie Williams

Chief Digital Officer, Horizon Media

Photo of Tynesha  Williams
Tynesha Williams

Creative Director, Cashmere Agency

Photo of Ian Wolfman
Ian Wolfman

Co-Founder, Wolfman Group

Photo of Steve Wozniack
Steve Wozniack

Co-Founder, Apple Computer, Inc.

Photo of Dan Wright
Dan Wright

Executive Creative Director, Colenso BBDO

Photo of bill wurtz
bill wurtz

Photo of Christine Xu
Christine Xu

CMO, McDonald’s China

Photo of Patrick Yee
Patrick Yee

EVP of Marketing and Strategy, Refinery29

Photo of Anthony Yell
Anthony Yell

Chief Creative Officer, SapientNitro

Photo of Jenna Young
Jenna Young

Executive Creative Director, Weber Shandwick

Photo of Rus Yusupov
Rus Yusupov

Co-Founder, Vine

Photo of Adam Zeller
Adam Zeller

VP of Social Media, Bravo and Oxygen Media

Photo of David Zinczenko
David Zinczenko

President and CEO, Galvanized Brands

Photo of Maxwell Zorick
Maxwell Zorick

Director of Social Impact at MTV, VH1, and Logo

Photo of Kathy Zucker
Kathy Zucker

Author. Startup Founder. Mom of 3. Speaker. Shorty Awards Winner.

Photo of Randi Zuckerberg
Randi Zuckerberg

Founder and CEO, Zuckerberg Media; Editor-in-Chief, Dot Complicated

Photo of Shefik    

Executive Producer and Host, "Shefik presents Invocation"