Academy Member Directory

The Academy is comprised of luminaries from advertising, media, entertainment and technology. Members are grouped into juries based on their individual areas of expertise. The Marketing & CMO juries are responsible for judging the Shorty Awards for brands & organizations.

Photo of Dylan Abruscato
Dylan Abruscato

Founder, Crypto: The Game

Photo of Sarah Acer
Sarah Acer

Chief Social Impact Officer

Photo of Florence Achado Brown
Florence Achado Brown

Chief Executive Officer

Photo of Crystal Ackley
Crystal Ackley

Senior Consultant, Social Strategy & Insights

Photo of Erin Acuff
Erin Acuff

VP of Client Strategy

Photo of Gerard Adams
Gerard Adams

Millennial Mentor & Serial Entrepreneur

Photo of Kymberlie  Adams
Kymberlie Adams

Director of Marketing and Communications, Soroptimist and the Campaign

Photo of Tamika Adams-Furniss
Tamika Adams-Furniss

Podcast Producer & Writer

Photo of Adu Adu
Adu Adu

Global Head of Social Media

Photo of Carys Afoko
Carys Afoko

Senior Director, Communications & External Affairs

Photo of Abhinit Agarwal
Abhinit Agarwal

Senior Strategy Director

Photo of Stephanie Agresta
Stephanie Agresta

CEO, Growth Accelerator for Startups

Photo of Jennifer Ahdoot
Jennifer Ahdoot

Digital Director

Photo of Amina Ahmad
Amina Ahmad

Senior Manager -- Social & Synergy Partnership Marketing

Photo of Sana Ahmed
Sana Ahmed

Vice President, Digital, Edelman

Photo of Shawn Ahmed
Shawn Ahmed

Social Impact & Communications Specialist

Photo of Ziad Ahmed
Ziad Ahmed


Photo of Maryam Al-Khawaja
Maryam Al-Khawaja

Founder and Director

Photo of Srishti Alette
Srishti Alette

UX Design Lead (Senior UX Designer)

Photo of Jay Ell Alexander
Jay Ell Alexander

Owner and CEO, Black Girls RUN!

Photo of Hassan S. Ali
Hassan S. Ali

Creative Marketing Director, Onion, Inc.

Photo of Alyssa Allen
Alyssa Allen

VP, Client Services of Social, Kenshoo

Photo of Rob Alley
Rob Alley

Head of Entertainment, Media and Telecom

Photo of Sarah Harnisch Amatuzio
Sarah Harnisch Amatuzio

International Creative Director

Photo of Jude Ambrosio
Jude Ambrosio

Group Strategy Director

Photo of Nancy Amestoy
Nancy Amestoy

Communications Consultant, Accenture Federal Services

Photo of Reema Amin
Reema Amin

Head of Influencer Marketing and Strategy

Photo of Ron Amram
Ron Amram

Global Media and Digital Lead, HEINEKEN

Photo of Kurt Andersen
Kurt Andersen

Novelist and Public Radio Host

Photo of Sue Anderson
Sue Anderson

Head of Creative Instagram, Creative X at Facebook

Photo of Patricia Andrade
Patricia Andrade

Executive VP and General Manager of WMcCann Brasília's Operation, W/McCann

Photo of Tulani André
Tulani André

Vice President, Social Media

Photo of Matt Andree Wiltens
Matt Andree Wiltens

SVP, Head of Global Corporate Communications, Gersh

Photo of Mathias Appelblad
Mathias Appelblad

Former Group Creative Director, TBWA\Media Arts Lab

Photo of Lee Applbaum
Lee Applbaum

CMO, Patrón Spirits International AG

Photo of Anselmo Araujo
Anselmo Araujo

Vice President, Global Creative, Storyful - Newscorp

Photo of Leonardo Arcoverde
Leonardo Arcoverde

VP, Creative Director

Photo of Somi Arian
Somi Arian

Tech Philosopher, Entrepreneur, Author & 'Transition Architect', Smart Cookie Media & Career Drive

Photo of  Jack  Ashdown
Jack Ashdown

Creative Director, Great State

Photo of Joseph Assad
Joseph Assad

Co-Founder & CEO of Kovert Creative

Photo of John Attanasio
John Attanasio

CEO & Co-Founder, Toonstar

Photo of Katherine Auguston
Katherine Auguston

Creative Director

Photo of Ashleigh Axios
Ashleigh Axios

Former White House Creative Director and Digital Strategist

Photo of Pierre Babineau
Pierre Babineau

Vice President, Growth & Creative Services

Photo of Gemini Babla
Gemini Babla

Director Marketing

Photo of Cristina Baccelli
Cristina Baccelli

Head of Creative Shop

Photo of Andrew  Bachelor
Andrew Bachelor

Actor, Comedian, Entrepreneur

Photo of Jenn Bader
Jenn Bader

Founder & CEO

Photo of Sara Badr
Sara Badr

Creative Director

Photo of Demetrius Bagley
Demetrius Bagley

Program Director & CoFounder

Photo of Stephanie Bagley
Stephanie Bagley

SVP Business Development & Operations, Charity Miles

Photo of Lola Bakare
Lola Bakare

CMO Advisor & Inclusive Marketing Strategist

Photo of Harrie Bakst
Harrie Bakst


Photo of Brynn Bardacke
Brynn Bardacke

Global Managing Director

Photo of Rachel Barek
Rachel Barek

Managing Director, AKQA

Photo of Gabriel Barrea
Gabriel Barrea

Senior Art Director, Energy BBDO

Photo of Jeff Barrett
Jeff Barrett

Global Influence and Communications Consultant

Photo of Scott Barrett
Scott Barrett

Freelance Brand + Digital Strategist

Photo of Armani Barron
Armani Barron

Senior Art Director

Photo of Felipe Barros Andrade
Felipe Barros Andrade

Executive Creative Director / Head of Content

Photo of Dante  Barry
Dante Barry

Executive Director, Million Hoodies Movement for Justice

Photo of Yank Barry
Yank Barry


Photo of Michael Bassik
Michael Bassik

EVP, Managing Director and President, Global Digital Operations, MDC Partners Inc.

Photo of David Bates
David Bates

CEO & Creative Director, Bokeh

Photo of Justin Baum
Justin Baum

Creative Director

Photo of Scott Beale
Scott Beale

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Laugh Squid

Photo of Singleton Beato
Singleton Beato

Global EVP, Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer

Photo of Scott Beaudoin
Scott Beaudoin

Executive Vice President, Social Purpose & Sustainability, Brodeur Partners

Photo of Steve Beckman
Steve Beckman

Global Head, Creator Representation

Photo of Ryan A Bell
Ryan A Bell

Media Specialist, NASA JPL

Photo of Nadja Bellan-White
Nadja Bellan-White

Global Chief Marketing Officer

Photo of Marcus Benigno
Marcus Benigno

Chief Communications & Marketing Officer

Photo of Mikki Bennett
Mikki Bennett

Senior Manager, HBO + Max Originals Creative Marketing

Photo of Leslie Berland
Leslie Berland

CMO, Twitter

Photo of Penni Berns
Penni Berns

Chief, Digital Strategy, UNICEF

Photo of Harry  Bernstein
Harry Bernstein

CCO Havas New York & The Annex88

Photo of Pat Berry
Pat Berry

Executive Producer / Director, CÅNNØN & GÖÖDSHIP

Photo of Brad Bessey
Brad Bessey

Director, Communications & Talent Relations

Photo of Saurabh Bhutyani
Saurabh Bhutyani

Principal GenAI/Analytics Solutions Architect

Photo of Yukun Bi
Yukun Bi

Head of Planning, Hylink Digital

Photo of Nick Bianchi
Nick Bianchi

AVP Brand Marketing Management

Photo of Nick Bilodeau
Nick Bilodeau

Head of Marketing, Insurance, AMEX

Photo of Katie Bisbee
Katie Bisbee

Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer

Photo of Jennifer Blanco
Jennifer Blanco

Director, Global Social Media

Photo of Kevin Bleyer
Kevin Bleyer

Writer/Producer, Netflix

Photo of Naama Bloom
Naama Bloom

Founder and CEO, HelloFlo

Photo of Julie Bloomfield
Julie Bloomfield

Head of Strategy & Social, Buddha Jones

Photo of Amir  Blumenfeld
Amir Blumenfeld

Comedian, Jake and Amir

Photo of Linda  Boff
Linda Boff


Photo of Crissy Bogusz
Crissy Bogusz

Motion Graphics Artist

Photo of Renata Bokel
Renata Bokel

Chief Strategy Officer, WMcCann

Photo of Jon Bond
Jon Bond

CEO, Tomorro\\\

Photo of Daniela Bontorim
Daniela Bontorim

Celebrity Partnerships

Photo of Carmen Boon
Carmen Boon

VP, External Affairs

Photo of Andrew Borin Cresswell
Andrew Borin Cresswell

Creative Director

Photo of Susan Borst
Susan Borst

VP, Mobile, IAB

Photo of Michelle Bottomley
Michelle Bottomley

Chief Marketing Officer, Fortune 500

Photo of Steve Bowen
Steve Bowen

Associate Creative Director

Photo of Erika Bradbury
Erika Bradbury


Photo of Matt Bravmann
Matt Bravmann

Senior Marketing Director, Awards Strategy

Photo of Peter Bray
Peter Bray

Founder / ECD

Photo of Bryant Brennan
Bryant Brennan

SVP, Head of Global Creative | Creative Director

Photo of Lauren Brenner
Lauren Brenner

Head of Global Content Strategy

Photo of Danielle Brigida
Danielle Brigida

Senior Director of Communications

Photo of Alexis Bronstorph
Alexis Bronstorph

Executive Creative Director, TAXI

Photo of The Gregory Brothers
The Gregory Brothers

Brothers, Non-brothers, Schmoyoho

Photo of Elina Brown
Elina Brown

Content Director

Photo of Lee Brown
Lee Brown

Chief Revenue Officer, BuzzFeed

Photo of Marques Brownlee
Marques Brownlee

Web Video Producer

Photo of Kyle Bunch
Kyle Bunch

Managing Director, Partnerships, R/GA Ventures

Photo of Jon Burk
Jon Burk

Director - Marketing/Digital Strategy, Producer - Digital Content, Al Roker Entertainment, Inc.

Photo of Kevin Burke
Kevin Burke

Head of Acquisition, Square

Photo of Jessica Burns
Jessica Burns

Vice President, Brand Marketing and Creative, Grubhub

Photo of Doug Busk
Doug Busk

Global Group Director, Digital Communications & Social Media, The Coca-Cola Company

Photo of Jessica Byrd
Jessica Byrd

Principal, Three Point Strategies

Photo of Heather C. McGhee
Heather C. McGhee

President, Demos

Photo of Will Cady
Will Cady

Global Brand Ambassador

Photo of Jess Cagle
Jess Cagle

Editorial Director, People and Entertainment Weekly

Photo of Silvio Caielli
Silvio Caielli

Creative Director, The Community

Photo of Susan Cain
Susan Cain

Chief Revolutionary and Co-Founder, Quiet Revolution

Photo of Dani Calogera
Dani Calogera

Vice President, Brand & Digital Marketing

Photo of Lissette Calveiro
Lissette Calveiro

Content Creator & Influencer Strategist, Ogilvy

Photo of Madison Cameron
Madison Cameron

Director of Strategy and Social Impact

Photo of Michael Campos
Michael Campos

Co-founder, Head of Strategy, neuelane

Photo of Jeff Cannata
Jeff Cannata

Group Comms Planning Director

Photo of Nick Cannon
Nick Cannon

Host, America's Got Talent; Founder of NCredible Entertainment; and Chairman of TeenNick

Photo of Burak Canpolat
Burak Canpolat

Senior Art Director & UI / UX Designer

Photo of Andy Cantu
Andy Cantu

Creative Director

Photo of Gerard Caputo
Gerard Caputo

Group Creative Director

Photo of Valerie Carlson
Valerie Carlson

Chief Creative Officer

Photo of Scott Carlton
Scott Carlton

Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness

Photo of Teresa Caro
Teresa Caro


Photo of Mark Carolan
Mark Carolan

Creative Director

Photo of Tim Carr
Tim Carr

VP of Digital & Social Marketing

Photo of Beth Carroll
Beth Carroll

Head of Social Media

Photo of Charlene Carruthers
Charlene Carruthers

National Director, Black Youth Project 100

Photo of Amy Carvajal
Amy Carvajal

Chief Creative Officer

Photo of Mishy Cass
Mishy Cass

Executive Creative Director

Photo of Goldie Chan
Goldie Chan

Founder, Warm Robots

Photo of Rachel Chan
Rachel Chan

Brand Media Strategy & Activation

Photo of Bernice Chao
Bernice Chao


Photo of Melissa  Chapman
Melissa Chapman

Chief Content and Brand Officer, Jungle Creations

Photo of Mélissa Charland
Mélissa Charland

Creative Director

Photo of Adam Chasnow
Adam Chasnow

Chief Creative Officer / Partner

Photo of Ali Cheikhali
Ali Cheikhali

Creative Strategy Lead, Google Creative Works MENA, TR, SSA

Photo of Andrea Chen
Andrea Chen

Executive Director, Propeller

Photo of Bing Chen
Bing Chen

CEO & Founder

Photo of Melissa Chen
Melissa Chen

Senior Manager - Brand, Campaigns, & Experiential

Photo of Olivia Cheng
Olivia Cheng

Senior Director, Marketing and Brand Engagement

Photo of Tom Chirico
Tom Chirico

Senior Director, Head of Brand Engagement

Photo of Ananela Chirinos
Ananela Chirinos

Creative Director

Photo of Karen Chong
Karen Chong

Vice President of Audience Strategy, Age Inclusion, Office of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Photo of Ranjana Choudhry
Ranjana Choudhry

VP Advertising And Social Media

Photo of Colin Chow
Colin Chow

Global Partner

Photo of Rachel Christensen
Rachel Christensen

Managing Social Media Editor, BuzzFeed Life

Photo of Jason Chung
Jason Chung

Director, Esports and Gaming Initiative, Clinical Assistant Professor | Head, Esports, Gaming and Media

Photo of Kiran CK
Kiran CK

Director of User Interface

Photo of David Clarke
David Clarke

Chief Design Officer

Photo of Matt  Clarke
Matt Clarke

VP, NA Marketing, KAYAK

Photo of Toph Clarke
Toph Clarke

Executive Creative Director

Photo of Tricia Clarke-Stone
Tricia Clarke-Stone

Founder & CEO

Photo of Corey Clayton
Corey Clayton

Director of Social Media, WWE

Photo of Mel Clements
Mel Clements

Vice President, Creative, Marriott International

Photo of John  Clinton
John Clinton

VP, Director, Creative Media, Penguin Random House

Photo of Ryan Coan
Ryan Coan

Founder & CEO

Photo of Michael Colella
Michael Colella

SVP, Executive Producer, Creative Studio

Photo of Anthony Coleman
Anthony Coleman

Creative Director

Photo of Amber Coleman-Mortley
Amber Coleman-Mortley

Senior Director, Community and Culture

Photo of Marcus Collins
Marcus Collins

Head of Strategy

Photo of Valerie Comparetto
Valerie Comparetto

Partner, Social Practice Director, MediaCom

Photo of Kima Cooper
Kima Cooper

Director, Content & Community, Birchbox

Photo of Jamie Cordwell
Jamie Cordwell

Global Executive Creative Director

Photo of Mary Corigliano
Mary Corigliano

SVP Brand & Marketing

Photo of Chris Corley
Chris Corley

Executive Creative Director

Photo of Sarah Cotenoff
Sarah Cotenoff

Sales Director, Measurement

Photo of Asha Cowell
Asha Cowell

Director, Integrated Strategy

Photo of Dana Cowin
Dana Cowin

Creative Director & Evangelist, Chefs Club International

Photo of Elaine Cox
Elaine Cox

Executive Creative Director

Photo of Gemma Craven
Gemma Craven

Founder & CEO, Bosseur

Photo of Noel Cruz
Noel Cruz


Photo of Jeff Cucinell
Jeff Cucinell

SVP Social Media Revenue

Photo of Rich Cumming
Rich Cumming

Senior Account Director

Photo of Bruno Cunha
Bruno Cunha

Group Strategy Director

Photo of Paulo Cunha
Paulo Cunha

President, SeatGeek

Photo of Maura Curtin
Maura Curtin

Marketing and Strategy Consultant, Three Furies

Photo of Sarah Cutler
Sarah Cutler

EP/Director of Partnerships, makemepulse

Photo of J.  Cyrus
J. Cyrus

Viner and Influencer

Photo of Sonal Dabral
Sonal Dabral

Group Chief Creative Officer & Vice Chairman, Ogilvy & Mather

Photo of Jason Dailey
Jason Dailey

Director, Head of Agency

Photo of Jack Daley
Jack Daley

Senior Director, Marketing - Connected Fitness @ Under Armour

Photo of Sean DallasKidd
Sean DallasKidd

Partner & CCO

Photo of Alex Dalman
Alex Dalman

Head of Social & Innovation, VCCP

Photo of Lara Daniel
Lara Daniel

Founder and CEO

Photo of Jerry Daniello
Jerry Daniello

SVP, Entertainment Brand Solutions, Disney Advertising Sales, The Walt Disney Company

Photo of Toby Daniels
Toby Daniels

Co-founder & CEO, Crowdcentric Media

Photo of Soraya Darabi
Soraya Darabi

Co-Founder, Zady

Photo of Rachael Datz
Rachael Datz

Managing Director of Social

Photo of Ashlie Daubert
Ashlie Daubert

Director of Branded Content, Collab

Photo of Claire Davidson
Claire Davidson

Head of Creative Services

Photo of Brendan Davis
Brendan Davis

Director of Digital Communications

Photo of Simone Deaderick
Simone Deaderick

Global Creative Excellence Leader

Photo of Rachel DeLadesmo
Rachel DeLadesmo

Director, Entertainment & Content Strategy

Photo of Kathy Delaney
Kathy Delaney

Global Chief Creative Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness/Publicis Health

Photo of Preeti Desai
Preeti Desai

Director, Social Media and Storytelling, National Audubon Society

Photo of Castro Desroches
Castro Desroches

Group Creative Director

Photo of Cedric Devitt
Cedric Devitt

Chief Creative Officer, Big Spaceship

Photo of Sauptik Dhar
Sauptik Dhar

Director of Artificial Intelligence

Photo of Tom Di Sapia
Tom Di Sapia


Photo of Mauricio Dias
Mauricio Dias

Associate Creative Director

Photo of Rob Dickens
Rob Dickens

Associate Director of Global Strategy, MediaCom

Photo of Philipp  Dietz
Philipp Dietz

Creative Director, Saatchi&Saatchi's Team One

Photo of Mike DiGiacomo
Mike DiGiacomo

Creative Director

Photo of Matthew DiGirolamo
Matthew DiGirolamo

Chief Communications Officer, L’Oreal USA

Photo of Bonnie DiJoseph
Bonnie DiJoseph

Senior Creative Strategist, Vanguard

Photo of Avery DiUbaldo
Avery DiUbaldo

Creative Director, Snowday

Photo of Diana Dixon
Diana Dixon

Founder/Chief Executive Creative Officer

Photo of Tyler Dmytrow
Tyler Dmytrow

Senior Director, Head of Social & Strategy Solutions

Photo of Mike Dobbs
Mike Dobbs

SVP, Content Discovery, 360i

Photo of Dino Dogan
Dino Dogan

CEO and Founder, Triberr

Photo of Henry Donahue
Henry Donahue

Executive Director

Photo of Jen Dorman
Jen Dorman

Executive Creative Director

Photo of Dionna Dorsey
Dionna Dorsey

Co-founder & CEO

Photo of Mike Dossett
Mike Dossett

Vice President & Director of Digital Strategy & Comms Planning, RPA

Photo of Cassandra Douglas
Cassandra Douglas

Digital Director

Photo of Stevie Dove
Stevie Dove

VP Strategy, Publicis Sapient

Photo of Vic Drabicky
Vic Drabicky

Founder and CEO, January Digital

Photo of Jonathan Dube
Jonathan Dube

GM, William Morris Endeavor | IMG

Photo of Maya Dukes
Maya Dukes

Managing Director, Creative (ECD)

Photo of Carol Dunn
Carol Dunn

Executive Producer

Photo of Gabriel Duran
Gabriel Duran

Creative Director

Photo of Mark Durney
Mark Durney

Senior VP

Photo of Erin Dwyer
Erin Dwyer

VP, Digital, Drunk Elephant

Photo of Kristen  D’Arcy
Kristen D’Arcy

Head of Performance Marketing and Media, American Eagle Outfitters

Photo of Rylee Jean Ebsen
Rylee Jean Ebsen

Live Action Director / Creative Director, Ebsen Ent.

Photo of Melissa Eccles
Melissa Eccles

Former Head of West Coast, TikTok Creative Lab

Photo of Kinney Edwards
Kinney Edwards

Global Head of Creative Lab

Photo of Tiffany Edwards
Tiffany Edwards

Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion

Photo of Joy Ekuta
Joy Ekuta

Co-Founder, Chief Strategy & Operations Officer

Photo of Amir Eldar
Amir Eldar


Photo of Macarena Elissamburu Moreno
Macarena Elissamburu Moreno

Creative Director

Photo of Leila Eltouny
Leila Eltouny

Marketing Communications Consultant

Photo of Nicole Emerick
Nicole Emerick

VP, Director of Social & Influencer Marketing, FCB

Photo of Greg Emerson
Greg Emerson

Executive Director of Product, The Atlantic

Photo of Ioana Enache
Ioana Enache

Social Media & Activation Creative Director

Photo of Adam  Enbar
Adam Enbar

CEO, Flatiron School

Photo of Amy Enchelmeyer
Amy Enchelmeyer

Head of Web, Photo and Video Programs

Photo of Rob Engelsman
Rob Engelsman

Co-Founder & Strategy Partner, Quick Study

Photo of Jason English
Jason English

Editor-in-Chief, Digital, Mental Floss Magazine

Photo of Jeanell English
Jeanell English

EVP, Impact & Inclusion

Photo of Sarah Epler
Sarah Epler

Director of Audience Development and Social Media

Photo of Taylor Carter Erin
Taylor Carter Erin

Creative Director

Photo of Jason Eskin
Jason Eskin

VP, Digital Marketing

Photo of José Eslinger
José Eslinger

Creative Director

Photo of Shadille Estepan
Shadille Estepan

Communications and Creative Manager

Photo of Maximilian Eugster
Maximilian Eugster

Account Director and Head of Digital Advertising

Photo of René Eugster
René Eugster

Founder, ECD Creative Director

Photo of Sarah Evans
Sarah Evans

Founder & CEO

Photo of Judith Evers Berei
Judith Evers Berei

Excedrin Global Brand Head & Pain Relief Digital Monetization Lead, GSK Consumer Healthcare

Photo of Justine Ezarik
Justine Ezarik

YouTuber, iJustine

Photo of Maz Farrelly
Maz Farrelly

Conference Speaker

Ife Fatunase

Director of Multimedia

Photo of Alexandre Faure
Alexandre Faure

Managing Director, ELAN EDELMAN

Photo of Julia Fedor
Julia Fedor

Director, Global Advertising and Social Media Operations

Photo of Todd Feitlin
Todd Feitlin

Executive Creative Director

Photo of Diogo Felippelli
Diogo Felippelli

VP, Social Media

Photo of Josh Felser
Josh Felser

Co-Founder, Freestyle, Spinner, Crackle and @hashtagclimate

Vilmar Fernandes

UX/UI, Strategy and Innovation

Photo of Lauren Ferreira
Lauren Ferreira

Creative Director

Photo of Timothy Ferriss
Timothy Ferriss

Author, Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, and Public Speaker

Photo of Jeannine Feyen
Jeannine Feyen

Director of Communications

Photo of Bari Finkel
Bari Finkel

Head of Operations

Photo of Kathryn  Finney
Kathryn Finney

Founder & Managing Director, digitalundivided

Photo of Carol Fiorino
Carol Fiorino

EVP, Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness

Photo of Ellyn Fisher
Ellyn Fisher

SVP, Marketing and Communications, The Ad Council

Photo of Reese Fitzpatrick
Reese Fitzpatrick

SVP / Global Marketing Head, Bayer Consumer Health

Photo of Barry Flanik
Barry Flanik

Group Creative Director

Photo of Derek Flanzraich
Derek Flanzraich

Founder, Greatist

Photo of Melissa Fleming
Melissa Fleming

Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications, United Nations

Photo of Katherine Fliflet
Katherine Fliflet

VP Social Change, Ogilvy Washington

Photo of Sherina Florence
Sherina Florence

Group Creative Director

Photo of Mei Fong
Mei Fong

Chief Communications Officer, Human Rights Watch

Photo of Patrick Ford
Patrick Ford

Worldwide Vice Chair and Chief Client Officer, Burson-Marsteller

Photo of Brian Fouhy
Brian Fouhy

Creative Director/ Art Director, CP+B

Photo of Antonio Fragoso
Antonio Fragoso

Global Creative Lead

Photo of Aaron Francois
Aaron Francois

Associate Strategy Director | Founder

Photo of Sherri Francois
Sherri Francois

Chief Impact Officer

Photo of Stefan Frank
Stefan Frank

Director of Social Media, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

Photo of Jon Frederick
Jon Frederick

Director, Social Media, Nickelodeon

Photo of Ashley Frohnert
Ashley Frohnert

Director of Social Media

Photo of Jennifer Frommer
Jennifer Frommer

SVP, Partnerships

Photo of Gabrielle Frost
Gabrielle Frost

CEO, Buddy Project, Inc.

Photo of Pam Fujimoto
Pam Fujimoto

Executive Creative Director

Photo of Emily Furtado
Emily Furtado

Vice President, Client Services

Photo of Amymarie  Gaertner
Amymarie Gaertner

Dancer and Social Influencer

Photo of Joe Gagliese
Joe Gagliese

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Viral Nation Inc.

Photo of Brendan Gahan
Brendan Gahan

Partner & Chief Social Officer, Mekanism (Epic Signal)

Photo of Porter Gale
Porter Gale

Speaker and Start-up Advisor

Photo of Felipe Galiano
Felipe Galiano

Executive Creative Director

Photo of Maria Galleriu
Maria Galleriu

Group Strategy Director, 72andSunny

Photo of Lauren Gallo-Rodriguez
Lauren Gallo-Rodriguez

Senior Director, Brand Marketing Creative

Photo of Kristin Gallucci
Kristin Gallucci

Consultant/ Fractional CMO, Modern Marketer

Photo of Damian Galvin
Damian Galvin

Senior Creative

Photo of Lindsey Gamble
Lindsey Gamble

Associate Director of Influencer Innovation

Photo of Julian Gamboa-Ramos
Julian Gamboa-Ramos

Senior Social Media Director

Photo of Shrenik Gandhi
Shrenik Gandhi

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Photo of Lauren Garcimonde-Fisher
Lauren Garcimonde-Fisher

Vice President, Brand

Photo of Sarah Gardner
Sarah Gardner

Director, Social Media

Photo of Boris Gartner
Boris Gartner

CEO, LaLiga North America

Photo of Alicia Garza
Alicia Garza

Special Projects Director, National Domestic Workers Alliance

Photo of Victoria Gates-Fleming
Victoria Gates-Fleming

SVP, Creative Strategy & Insights

Photo of Nichole Geddes
Nichole Geddes

Principal Creative Director

Jenn Geist

Director, Strategy

Photo of Brittany  Geldmacher
Brittany Geldmacher

Global Brand Strategy & Communications Executive

Photo of Cleve Gibbon
Cleve Gibbon

Chief Technology Officer

Photo of Dave  Gilboa
Dave Gilboa

Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Warby Parker

Photo of Marcus Gilmore
Marcus Gilmore

Associate Brand Account Director

Photo of Nikki Glaser
Nikki Glaser


Photo of Cristina Gnecco
Cristina Gnecco

Co-Founder & Head of Partnerships

Photo of OK Go


Photo of Kenny Gold
Kenny Gold

Managing Director

Photo of Allison Goldberg
Allison Goldberg

Managing Director and VP, Time Warner Investments

Photo of Meredith Goldberg-Morse
Meredith Goldberg-Morse

Director, Social Impact

Photo of Meg Goldthwaite
Meg Goldthwaite

Chief Marketing Officer, NPR

Photo of Bella Gomez
Bella Gomez


Photo of Rafael Gonzaga
Rafael Gonzaga

SVP Executive Creative Director

Photo of Pancho González
Pancho González

Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Photo of Derek Goode
Derek Goode

Vice President, Group Director, 160over90

Photo of Timothy Goodman
Timothy Goodman

Visual Artist & Designer, Timothy Goodman LLC

Photo of Liz Gopaul
Liz Gopaul

SVP, Engagement & Social, FCBCURE

Photo of Gabe Gordon
Gabe Gordon

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Reach Agency

Photo of Larry Gordon
Larry Gordon

Group Creative Director

Tia T. Gordon

Chief Communications Officer

Photo of Gigi Gorgeous
Gigi Gorgeous

Activist, YouTuber and Author

Photo of Michael Graham
Michael Graham

Creative Director

Photo of Annie Granatstein
Annie Granatstein

VP Content Marketing

Matthew Grandstaff

Global Director of Social Media, EA Games

Photo of Andre Gray
Andre Gray

Chief Creative Director

Photo of Corinne Gray
Corinne Gray

Co-founder & CEO, Uncomfortable Revolution

Photo of Eric Gray
Eric Gray

Senior Director of Content & Engagement

Photo of Patricia Gray
Patricia Gray

Vice-President, Digital Media

Photo of Amy Green
Amy Green

Global Platforms Marketing Manager, Ford Motor Company

Photo of Kevin Green
Kevin Green

Executive Creative Director

Photo of David Greenbaum
David Greenbaum

Principal, True Impact Partners

Photo of Oren Greenberg
Oren Greenberg

Fractional CMO

Photo of James Gregson
James Gregson

Creative Director, LEGO

Photo of JoAnn Grigioni
JoAnn Grigioni

Vice President, Talent for Comedy Central

Photo of Martin Grosse
Martin Grosse

Founder & CEO, Showhost, KÖNIGSKLASSE

Photo of Lisa Gruber
Lisa Gruber

Associate Director of Communications

Photo of Josh Grunberg
Josh Grunberg

EVP, Business Operations

Photo of Elias Guerra
Elias Guerra

Founder and CEO, Popwallet

Photo of Chandra Guinn
Chandra Guinn

Executive Director, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Photo of Hannah Gulla
Hannah Gulla

Senior Brand Strategist

Photo of Allan Gungormez
Allan Gungormez

EVP Strategy

Photo of Mehul Gupta
Mehul Gupta

Co-Founder & CEO

Photo of Mary  Gura
Mary Gura

SVP, Director of Public Relations/Social, Cramer Krasselt

Photo of Fiona Guthrie
Fiona Guthrie

Chief Communications Officer

Photo of Taylor Guthrie
Taylor Guthrie

Group Director, Strategy

Photo of Magnus Gylje
Magnus Gylje

Chief Digital Officer, Nobel Media

Photo of Chaim Haas
Chaim Haas

Head of Innovation Communication, Bloomberg

Photo of Cathy Hackl
Cathy Hackl

Futurist, AR VR Author + Enterprise Strategy at Magic Leap

Photo of Karl Haddad
Karl Haddad

Global Creative Lead

Photo of Adam Hadi
Adam Hadi

VP of Marketing, Current

Photo of Richard Haire
Richard Haire

Digital Marketing Instructor

Photo of Lizzy Hale
Lizzy Hale

Head of Global Podcast Editorial

Photo of Anders Hallén
Anders Hallén

Creative Innovation Director

Photo of Amanda Hammar
Amanda Hammar

Social Content Director- Developer Marketing

Photo of MC Hammer
MC Hammer

Entertainer and Entrepreneur

Photo of Shadawn Hammons
Shadawn Hammons

Digital Marketing Specialist

Photo of Erin Hanley
Erin Hanley

Vice President, Entertainment Partnerships & Influencer Marketing Strategy

Photo of Carter Hansen
Carter Hansen

Head of Marketing

Photo of Rachel Hanson
Rachel Hanson

Podcast Producer

Photo of Jake Harper
Jake Harper

Freelance Podcast Producer

Photo of Adam Harris
Adam Harris

Global Head, Brand Partnership Studio

Photo of Lindsay Harris
Lindsay Harris

Chief Purpose Officer

Photo of Pilar Harris
Pilar Harris

Senior Director, Global Corporate Partnerships, Global Citizen

Photo of Greg Harrison
Greg Harrison

Chief Creative Officer

Photo of Yadira Harrison
Yadira Harrison

Co-founder, Verb

Photo of Clare Hart
Clare Hart

Managing Director, Europe & Asia

Photo of Mamrie  Hart
Mamrie Hart

Comedian and YouTuber

Photo of Marcus Hartung
Marcus Hartung

Creative Director

Photo of Kyle Harty
Kyle Harty

AD, Brand Marketing, Social, Chewy

Photo of Yasmeen Hassan
Yasmeen Hassan

Global Executive Director

Photo of Brooke Havlik
Brooke Havlik

Communications Strategist and Consultant, Climate + Human Rights

Photo of Jabari Hearn
Jabari Hearn

Managing Partner, Los Angeles

Photo of Tyrona Heath
Tyrona Heath

Director, Market Engagement, The B2B Institute at LinkedIn

Photo of Annie Heckenberger
Annie Heckenberger

SVP, Creative Director

Photo of Dominik Heinrich
Dominik Heinrich

Vice President Global, Product Innovation and LAB13, MRM//McCANN

Photo of Theresa Helmer
Theresa Helmer

VP, Brand & Editorial

Photo of Bruce Henderson
Bruce Henderson

Chief Creative Officer, Jack Morton Worldwide

Photo of Erica Henderson
Erica Henderson

Creative Director

Photo of Jacquie Henderson
Jacquie Henderson

Director of Marketing

Photo of Kara Hendrick
Kara Hendrick

Associate Director, Employer Branding & Employee Engagement

Photo of Brittany Hennessy
Brittany Hennessy

Head of Creator Relations

Photo of Darren Herman
Darren Herman

VP, Content Services, Mozilla

Photo of Monica Herman
Monica Herman

VP Group Creative Director

Photo of Brian Anthony Hernandez
Brian Anthony Hernandez

Senior Editor of Music & Culture,

Photo of Caitlin Herrity
Caitlin Herrity

Creative Operations Lead

Photo of David Hessekiel
David Hessekiel

President, Engage for Good

Photo of Mark Hickman
Mark Hickman

Digital Strategy Director

Photo of Whit Hiler
Whit Hiler

Executive Creative Director

Photo of Angela  Hill
Angela Hill

CEO & CCO, Incitrio

Photo of Hannah and Hilly Hindi
Hannah and Hilly Hindi

Creator of The Hillywood Show®, The Hillywood Show®

Photo of Eddy Hiraldo
Eddy Hiraldo

Copywriter, Social

Photo of Jerry Hizon
Jerry Hizon

Chief Creative Officer

Photo of Abby Ho
Abby Ho

VP Marketing & Social

Photo of Sophie (Xiuning) Ho (He)
Sophie (Xiuning) Ho (He)

Global Head of Brand for WhatsApp

Photo of Allison Hobbs
Allison Hobbs

Senior Director, Creative Services

Photo of Melissa  Hobley
Melissa Hobley

Global CMO, OkCupid

Photo of Nicole Hockley
Nicole Hockley

Co-Founder & CEO

Photo of Marty Hoefkes
Marty Hoefkes

Creative Director

Photo of Sarah Hofstetter
Sarah Hofstetter

President, ComScore

Photo of David Hohman
David Hohman

Group Creative Director

Photo of Tatiana Holifield
Tatiana Holifield

VP, Social Content & Growth Marketing

Photo of Sera Holland
Sera Holland

Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, Global Markets

Photo of Stacey Hoppe
Stacey Hoppe

VP, Social Responsibility + Sustainability

Photo of Pam Horan
Pam Horan

Partner, Horan MediaTech Advisors

Photo of Annie Horn
Annie Horn

Social Responsibility Program Director

Photo of Sabrina Horn
Sabrina Horn

President and CEO, HORN

Photo of Katy Hornaday
Katy Hornaday

Chief Creative Officer

Photo of Jake Horowitz
Jake Horowitz

Founder, Mic

Photo of Caitlin Horrigan
Caitlin Horrigan

Senior Director, Global Advocacy

Photo of Stephanie Horton
Stephanie Horton

Senior Director, Global Marketing, Commerce

Photo of Steve Howze
Steve Howze


Photo of Andrew Huang
Andrew Huang

Music Producer and YouTuber

Photo of Jenny Huang
Jenny Huang

Director, B2B Brand Marketing

Photo of Waymon Hudson
Waymon Hudson

Director of Customer Communications

Photo of Tara Hunt
Tara Hunt

CEO + Partner, Truly Social Inc.

Photo of Jake  Hurwitz
Jake Hurwitz

Comedian, Jake and Amir

Photo of Roddy Hyduk
Roddy Hyduk


Photo of Alberto Ibargüen
Alberto Ibargüen

President, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

Photo of João Inácio
João Inácio

Creative Director

Photo of Adrienne Ingoldt
Adrienne Ingoldt

Senior Vice President, Chief Brand and Experience Officer, Jack in the Box

Photo of Moye Ishimoto
Moye Ishimoto

Director, Social Marketing

Photo of Dune Ives
Dune Ives

Executive Director, Lonely Whale

Photo of Sarah-Leith Izzard
Sarah-Leith Izzard

Regional Executive Creative Director

Photo of Luca Jacchia
Luca Jacchia

Creative Director

Photo of Christal Jackson
Christal Jackson

Founder, Head and Heart Philanthropy/Mosaic Genius

Photo of Justin Jackson
Justin Jackson

Digital Marketing Manager

Photo of Taryn Jackson Stewart
Taryn Jackson Stewart

Director, Audience Engagement, PBS

Photo of Josh Jaffe
Josh Jaffe

General Manager, Media, Ingenio

Photo of Catherine Jaffee
Catherine Jaffee

Podcast Producer/Director

Photo of Ben James
Ben James

Chief Innovation Officer

Photo of Nickolas James
Nickolas James

VP, Digital Content

Photo of Rajesh Janakiraman
Rajesh Janakiraman

Engineering Manager

Photo of Brandy Jaquez
Brandy Jaquez

Director of Influencer, Social Engagement, Kellogg Company

Photo of Nancy Jeng
Nancy Jeng

Product Marketing Manager, Pinterest

Photo of Bridget Jewell
Bridget Jewell

Group Creative Director, Social Creative Lab, 360i/dentsu

Photo of Wilhelmina Jewell Sparks
Wilhelmina Jewell Sparks


Photo of Shashank  Jha
Shashank Jha

Group Creative Director, Ogilvy Africa

Photo of Ivan Jimenez
Ivan Jimenez

Sr Director Marketing & Creative

Photo of Jamal Jimoh
Jamal Jimoh

Head of Urban Programming & Revenue, Premier Music Group

Photo of Carla Johnson
Carla Johnson

CEO, Marketing & Innovation Strategist, Speaker, Author

Photo of Dustin Johnson
Dustin Johnson

SVP, Creative Lead Digital & Social

Photo of Pete Johnson
Pete Johnson

Founder, Chief Creative Officer

Photo of Reonna Johnson
Reonna Johnson

VP / Director of Growth Strategy

Photo of Allison Jones
Allison Jones

Marketing & Publications Director, NTEN

Photo of Brian Jones
Brian Jones

Senior Director, Brand Creative

Photo of Lauren Jones
Lauren Jones

Director, Social & Influencer Marketing

Photo of Megan Jones
Megan Jones

Senior Director, Client Strategy & Service, January Digital

Photo of Shannon Simpson Jones
Shannon Simpson Jones

Co-founder, verb.

Photo of Alanah  Joseph
Alanah Joseph

Head of Creator Partnerships, Management, HubSpot

Photo of Brandie June
Brandie June

Author & Marketing Director

Photo of Ash Kahn
Ash Kahn

Client Management Lead, Marriott Media NetworkGlobal Brand and Marketing/Marriot Media Network, Marriott International

Photo of Ro Kalonaros
Ro Kalonaros

Global Director, Content & Culture

Photo of Soyoung Kang
Soyoung Kang

Chief Marketing Officer, eos Products

Photo of Todd Kaplan
Todd Kaplan

VP Marketing, PepsiCo

Photo of Kainaz Karmakar
Kainaz Karmakar

Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy India

Photo of Josh Karpf
Josh Karpf

Director of Social Marketing, DraftKings

Photo of Quinn Katherman
Quinn Katherman

Creative Director/ Copywriter, CP+B

Photo of Jake Katz
Jake Katz


Photo of Adeola Kayode
Adeola Kayode

Group Head of Strategy

Photo of Victoria Keichinger
Victoria Keichinger

Vice President, Brand Marketing

Photo of Noor Keim
Noor Keim

Director, Social Strategy

Photo of Laurie Keith
Laurie Keith

Vice President of Media, Social & Emerging, AdCouncil

Photo of Aaron Keller
Aaron Keller


Photo of Seth Kelly
Seth Kelly

Creative Director, Reprise

Photo of Thom Kennon
Thom Kennon


Photo of Normurod Khasanov
Normurod Khasanov

CEO and Founder, ACIM Marketer, Senior Graphic Designer

Photo of Fahad Khawaja
Fahad Khawaja

Founder & CEO

Photo of Emma Kieckhafer
Emma Kieckhafer

Global Head of Social

Photo of Alie Kilts
Alie Kilts

Podcast Producer

Photo of Jennifer Kim
Jennifer Kim

Head of Social, Comedy, Amazon Prime Video

Photo of Soo Young Kim
Soo Young Kim

Global Brand & Ads Product Marketing

Photo of Wesley Kim
Wesley Kim

Vice President, Global Head of Marketing

Photo of YuJung Kim
YuJung Kim

Group Publisher

Katrina King

Associate Director of Social Media

Photo of Banoo Klein
Banoo Klein

Senior Director, Business Development & Strategy

Photo of Jeff Klein
Jeff Klein

Managing Director, DKC

Photo of Shawna Klein
Shawna Klein

Creative Director

Photo of Howie Kleinberg
Howie Kleinberg


Photo of Katrina Klier
Katrina Klier

Global Managing Director, Digital, Accenture

Photo of Philipp Klumpp
Philipp Klumpp

Head Of Strategy / Creative Performance

Photo of Lucia Knell
Lucia Knell

Director of Brand Partnerships, Upworthy | GOOD

Photo of Matthew Knell
Matthew Knell

Principal Product Manager for Out-of-Product Help Experiences and Intuit Communities for Intuit

Photo of Halley Knigge
Halley Knigge

Director of Co-op Communications

Photo of Zeena Koda
Zeena Koda

Head of Digital Community Marketing

Photo of Mitesh Kothari
Mitesh Kothari

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer

Photo of Jared Kozel
Jared Kozel

EVP, Executive Creative Director

Photo of Sy  Kraft
Sy Kraft

SVP, Brand Strategy, Flux Branding

Photo of Jones Krahl
Jones Krahl

US Head of Creative

Photo of Marissa Kraines
Marissa Kraines

Vice President, Social & Content Marketing

Photo of Pete Krainik
Pete Krainik

Founder and CEO, The CMO CLUB

Photo of Astrid Kramer
Astrid Kramer

SEO & UX Consultant, Astrid Kramer Consulting

Photo of Erica Kraus
Erica Kraus

Executive Producer

Photo of Hallie Krauser
Hallie Krauser

Partner Lead, FameBit by YouTube

Photo of Michael Kress
Michael Kress

Editorial Director, NY Metro Parents; Editorial Consultant

Photo of Trevor Kress
Trevor Kress

Director, Integrated Marketing & Communications, Warner Bros. Stage 13

Photo of Eric  Kuhn
Eric Kuhn

SVP, Social Media Marketing, CBS

Photo of Bharat Kumar
Bharat Kumar

Executive Creative Director

Photo of Keith Kunis
Keith Kunis

Director Community Management, Wunderman Thompson

Photo of Lindsay LaBennett
Lindsay LaBennett

AVP, Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Development

Photo of Stephanie Lager
Stephanie Lager

Co-Founder, Head of Creative & Strategy

Photo of Genet Lakew
Genet Lakew

Digital Content Director, National Urban League

Photo of Scott Lamb
Scott Lamb

VP, Content

Photo of Sami Lambert
Sami Lambert

Director of Social Media

Photo of Zane Lamprey
Zane Lamprey

Host and Producer; Chug, Drinking Made Easy, Three Sheets

Photo of Hung Lang
Hung Lang

Senior Connections Strategist

Photo of Rich Latour
Rich Latour

Global Head of Content, BlackRock, Inc.

Photo of Jessica Lauretti
Jessica Lauretti

Founder & Principal, Laurels

Photo of Michelle Lawrence
Michelle Lawrence

Creative Director

Photo of Kyrylo Lazariev
Kyrylo Lazariev

CEO and Founder

Photo of Tim Leake
Tim Leake

Founder / CEO

Photo of Ana Leão
Ana Leão

Managing Director

Photo of James Lecesne
James Lecesne

Co-Founder, The Trevor Project

Photo of Adam Ledbury
Adam Ledbury

Global Creative Director APAC

Photo of Cherish Lee
Cherish Lee

Communications Strategy Director

Photo of Jennifer Lee
Jennifer Lee

CEO, Plympton

Photo of Judy Lee
Judy Lee

Head of Global Brand Experiences, Pinterest

Photo of Maria Lee
Maria Lee

Creative Director

Photo of Melinda Lee
Melinda Lee

President, Media Networks

Photo of Nia Lee
Nia Lee

Manager, Global Creative Marketing, Netflix Inc.

Photo of Stephen Leps
Stephen Leps

Brand and Content Strategy Director

Photo of Vera Leung
Vera Leung

Senior Director, Content & Creative

Photo of Andrew Levine
Andrew Levine


Photo of Karen Levy
Karen Levy

Previously: Head of eCommerce Digital Marketing, Tropicana

Photo of Liz Levy
Liz Levy

Executive Creative Director

Photo of Erin Levzow
Erin Levzow

Vice President of Marketing Technology

Photo of Dan Lewis
Dan Lewis

Sr. Director, Digital Marketing, Sesame Workshop

Photo of Bolong Li
Bolong Li

VP, Head of Global Acquisition

Photo of Jason Li
Jason Li

Global EVP, Strategy

Photo of Kelly Li
Kelly Li

Director of Creative Content, The Walt Disney Studios

Photo of Madison Li
Madison Li

Senior Marketing Manager

Photo of Rebecca Lieb
Rebecca Lieb

Co-Founder & Analyst, Kaleido Insights

Fred Liedtke

EVP Creative Director

Photo of Amy Lin
Amy Lin

Head of Corporate Brand & Digital Marketing

Photo of Bill Litfin
Bill Litfin

Chief Digital Officer, Ologie

Photo of Rebecca Litt
Rebecca Litt

Senior Director of Video, TheSkimm

Photo of Gregory Littley
Gregory Littley

Creative Director

Photo of Jay Livingston
Jay Livingston

Chief Marketing Officer, Shake Shack

Photo of RG Logan
RG Logan

SVP, Strategy, Truth Initiative

Photo of Todd Lombardo
Todd Lombardo

Managing Director, Brand & Social, The Many

Photo of Katie Long
Katie Long

Executive Producer of Limited Series

Photo of Eduardo Longa Nose
Eduardo Longa Nose

Associate Creative Director

Photo of Taylor Loren
Taylor Loren

Director of Content Marketing, Later

Photo of Erika Lovegreen
Erika Lovegreen

\SVP Marketing

Photo of Kelly Lovell
Kelly Lovell

Youth Mobilizer & CEO, Lovell Corporation

Photo of Simon Lowden
Simon Lowden

Chief Transformation Officer, The Arnott’s Group

Photo of Ken Lowery
Ken Lowery

Creative Director, Social Media

Photo of Amy Luca
Amy Luca

EVP, Global Head of Social

Photo of Golriz Lucina
Golriz Lucina

Senior Vice President of Content and Creative, SoulPancake

Photo of Palmer Luckey
Palmer Luckey

Founder, Oculus VR

Photo of Miles Ludwig
Miles Ludwig

Vice-President, Digital Media

Photo of Felix Lundqvist
Felix Lundqvist

Art Director

Photo of Joel Lunenfeld
Joel Lunenfeld

Chief Marketing Officer, NorCal Cannabis

Photo of Sean Lynam
Sean Lynam

Director of Marketing, Glow

Photo of Dmytro Lynnyk
Dmytro Lynnyk

Creative Director and Inspirer

Photo of Shefik Macauley
Shefik Macauley

Executive Producer and Host

Photo of Ian Mackenzie
Ian Mackenzie

Chief Creative Officer

Photo of Samara Mackereth
Samara Mackereth

Chief Content Officer

Photo of James Maclean
James Maclean

Creative Director

Photo of Zaina Madain
Zaina Madain

Social Media Lead, Films

Photo of Jenny Mak
Jenny Mak

Creative Partner, DDB

Photo of Jordan Makow
Jordan Makow

VP, Production

Photo of Marc Maleh
Marc Maleh

GVP Emerging Experiences, Huge Inc.

Photo of Noah Mallin
Noah Mallin

Head of Vertical Studios, Chief Strategic Officer

Photo of Miriam Malta
Miriam Malta

Creative Director

Photo of Chella Man
Chella Man


Photo of Aasif  Mandvi
Aasif Mandvi

Actor and Director

Photo of Rani Mani
Rani Mani

Digital Media Customer Comms Lead

Photo of Catherine Manzanares
Catherine Manzanares

Social Lead, Drama, Amazon Studios

Photo of Jenna Marbles
Jenna Marbles


Photo of Christie Marchese
Christie Marchese

CEO, Picture Motion

Photo of Vincent Marcus
Vincent Marcus

Viner and Entertainer

Photo of Jens Marklund
Jens Marklund

Head Of Design, Ogilvy

Photo of Eduardo Marques
Eduardo Marques

Chief Creative Officer, Publicis Spain/Publicis Emil/Wysiwyg/Nurun

Photo of Kirsty Marrins
Kirsty Marrins

Digital Communications Consultant

Photo of Carla Marshall
Carla Marshall

Content Marketing Consultant

Photo of Erik Martin
Erik Martin

VP of Services, Commsor

Photo of Lori Martin
Lori Martin

VP, Group Creative Director

Photo of Jose Martinez-Diaz
Jose Martinez-Diaz

Engagement Director

Photo of Gus Marulanda
Gus Marulanda

Associate Creative Director, Verizon

Photo of Paul Marvucic
Paul Marvucic

Director, Product Marketing

Photo of Jessie Mash
Jessie Mash

Partner + Chief Business Officer

Photo of David Matt
David Matt

Chief Creative Officer, VP

Photo of Victor Mattoni
Victor Mattoni

Art Director

Photo of Angela Matusik
Angela Matusik

Executive Editor - Digital, InStyle

Photo of Kristin  Maverick
Kristin Maverick

VP, Social & Influencer Marketing, 360i

Photo of Dèja Mays
Dèja Mays

Art Director

Photo of Erica Mazzucato
Erica Mazzucato

Sr Product Marketing Manager, Corra

Photo of Vanessa Mbonu
Vanessa Mbonu

Vice President, Digital Marketing & Communications

Photo of Alix McAlpine
Alix McAlpine

VP of Creative Strategy

Photo of Jason McBriarty
Jason McBriarty

Director, Levi Strauss Foundation

Photo of Justin McConney
Justin McConney

Digital Marketing and Social Media Consultant

Photo of Gabriela  McCoy
Gabriela McCoy

Director Portfolio Strategy, Insights and Analytics, Bacardi

Photo of Lauren McCracken
Lauren McCracken

Managing Director, and Head of Integrated Planning

Photo of Luke McDade
Luke McDade

Creative Director & Strategy Executive

Photo of Graham McDonnell
Graham McDonnell

VP of Brand and Design

Photo of Janis McGavin
Janis McGavin

Head of Marketing and Social Media

Photo of Caroline McKenzie
Caroline McKenzie

Global Creative Marketing Lead - Franchise

Photo of Tressie McMillan Cottom
Tressie McMillan Cottom

Assistant Professor of Sociology, Virginia Commonwealth University

Photo of Nathan Measom
Nathan Measom

Director of Cause Marketing

Photo of David Melançon
David Melançon

Managing Director of Corporate and Public Affairs, Edelman

Photo of Denise Melanson
Denise Melanson

Senior Director of Social Impact

Photo of Rodrigo Melgar
Rodrigo Melgar

Creative Director

Photo of Nishant Mendiratta
Nishant Mendiratta

Sr. Software Engineer(Mobile)

Photo of Rosemary Mercedes
Rosemary Mercedes

EVP & Chief Communications Officer, Univision

Photo of David Mesfin
David Mesfin

Creative Director

Photo of Rebecca Messina
Rebecca Messina

Former Global Chief Marketing Officer, Uber

Photo of Erica Meyers
Erica Meyers

Director of Digital Marketing

Photo of Daina Middleton
Daina Middleton

Partner, Enact Agency

Photo of Janis Middleton
Janis Middleton

EVP, Executive Director of Multicultural and Inclusion Strategy, 22Squared, Trade School, Dendro

Photo of Andra Mielnicki
Andra Mielnicki

Vice President, Global Influencer Marketing, Coty, Luxury Brands

Photo of Laura Mignott
Laura Mignott

Global Chief Experiential Officer

Photo of Kasumi Mihori
Kasumi Mihori

SVP Brand Creative

Photo of Yuriy Mikhalevskiy
Yuriy Mikhalevskiy

Creative Director Copywriter

Photo of Alyssa Milano
Alyssa Milano

Actress, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur

Photo of Drew Miles
Drew Miles

VP, Global Brand Partnerships, Variety Content Studio

Photo of Gwen Miller
Gwen Miller

Sr. Director, Growth & Optimization, Branded Entertainment Network

Photo of Noah Miller
Noah Miller

Founder, The Sports Crave

Photo of Seema Miller
Seema Miller

Chief Security Officer

Photo of Mars Millisic
Mars Millisic

Creative Director

Photo of Sarah Minerella
Sarah Minerella

Head of Social

Photo of Peter Minnium
Peter Minnium

President, US, Ipsos

Photo of Gabriella Mirabelli
Gabriella Mirabelli

EVP Consumer Insights & Brand Strategy, Valence Media

Photo of Andy Mitchell
Andy Mitchell

Director of News and Global Media Partnerships, Facebook

Photo of Josh Mizrachi
Josh Mizrachi

Group Creative Director

Photo of Janet  Mock
Janet Mock

Author, Activist, TV Host

Photo of Joy Moh
Joy Moh

Head of Communications & Marketing

Photo of Hira Mohibullah Amin
Hira Mohibullah Amin

Executive Creative Director

Photo of Louis Montemayor
Louis Montemayor

Executive Creative Director/Founder

Photo of Bipasha Mookherjee
Bipasha Mookherjee

Creative Director

Photo of Darnell L.  Moore
Darnell L. Moore

Senior Correspondent, Mic

Photo of Ivellisse Morales
Ivellisse Morales


Photo of Jordan Moran
Jordan Moran

Director, Digital Marketing, Primary Wave Entertainment

Photo of Adam Morgan
Adam Morgan

Senior Director of Brand and Creative

Photo of Stevie Morris
Stevie Morris

VP Social & Content Marketing Strategy

Photo of Elizabeth A. Morrison
Elizabeth A. Morrison

Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer

Photo of Gwen Morrison
Gwen Morrison

CEO, The Americas, The Store – WPP

Photo of Brian Morrissey
Brian Morrissey

Editor-in-Chief, Digiday

Photo of Jason Morros
Jason Morros

VP, Head of Integrated Marketing, Edison Properties

Photo of Gino Morrow
Gino Morrow

VP of Design

Photo of Nat Moss
Nat Moss

Executive Director, Strategic Communications

Photo of Gabi Mostert
Gabi Mostert

Creative Director

Photo of Dan Moth
Dan Moth

Creative Director

Photo of Adele Mulford
Adele Mulford

CEO, Chief Cultivator, Brand + Creative Strategist

Photo of Matthew Murphy
Matthew Murphy

Global Chief Creative Officer

Photo of Deepica Mutyala
Deepica Mutyala

Founder & CEO, Live Tinted

Photo of Erica Myers
Erica Myers

Director of Digital Marketing

Photo of Preeti Nadgar
Preeti Nadgar

Chief Strategy Officer, US

Photo of Maz Nadjm
Maz Nadjm

Global Head of Social Media Practice

Photo of Jonathan Nafarrete
Jonathan Nafarrete

Social Media Strategist and Photographer

Photo of Alice Nathoo
Alice Nathoo

VP Social Impact

Photo of Matt Navarra
Matt Navarra

Global Social Media Director, The Next Web

Photo of Naz Nazli
Naz Nazli

Creative Director, Meta

Photo of Jotham Ndugga-Kabuye
Jotham Ndugga-Kabuye

Senior Director of Marketing

Photo of Doug Neil
Doug Neil

EVP, Digital Marketing, Universal Pictures

Photo of Matt Nelson
Matt Nelson

Owner, WeRateDogs

Photo of Craig Newmark
Craig Newmark

Founder, Craigslist

Photo of Duc Nguyen
Duc Nguyen

Sr Art Director / Creative

Photo of Nico Nieto
Nico Nieto

Vice President Head of Marketing and Brand, Roti Modern Mediterranean

Photo of Madeleine Nischan
Madeleine Nischan

Head of Post Production

Photo of Robyn Nissim
Robyn Nissim

Fractional VP of Social Media and Influencer Marketing

Photo of Kjetil Njoten
Kjetil Njoten

Global Head of Creative

Photo of Chris Noble
Chris Noble

CEO, Matchfire

Photo of Silas Nogueira
Silas Nogueira

Senior Art Director

Photo of Joel Nomdarkham
Joel Nomdarkham

Chief Impact Creator

Photo of Jay Norman
Jay Norman

Global Head of Music Marketing

Photo of Nneka Norville
Nneka Norville

Head, DEI Communications- Global Purpose Comms

Photo of Shloimy Notik
Shloimy Notik

Creative Director

Photo of Daniel Nunez
Daniel Nunez

Chief Creative Officer

Photo of Christopher O'Keeffe
Christopher O'Keeffe

Co-founder and Head of Narrative, Executive Producer

Photo of Celie O'Neil-Hart
Celie O'Neil-Hart

Global Director of Content and Writing

Photo of Christina O'Rourke
Christina O'Rourke

Executive Vice President, Group Executive Producer, Edelman

Photo of Dupe O. Ajayi
Dupe O. Ajayi

Global Marketing Lead

Photo of Tyler Oakley
Tyler Oakley

YouTuber and Entertainer

Photo of Emeka Obi
Emeka Obi

Senior Director Creative Strategy

Photo of Emeka Obia
Emeka Obia

Integrated Strategy Director

Photo of Stephanie Ocampo
Stephanie Ocampo

Senior Director, Social Media

Photo of Jayson Oertel
Jayson Oertel

Head of YouTube

Photo of Liana Ogden
Liana Ogden

Senior Creative Strategist

Photo of George Olexa
George Olexa

Sr. Director of Brand Strategy, Storytelling, Partnerships & Social Media

Photo of Karin Onsager-Birch
Karin Onsager-Birch

Ex- VP of Creative

Photo of Minjae Ormes
Minjae Ormes

CMO, Visible

Photo of John Osborn
John Osborn

Director, Ad Net Zero

Photo of Deidre Osei
Deidre Osei

Independent Social Impact Consultant

Photo of Dmitrii Osipovskii
Dmitrii Osipovskii

Interactive Creative Director

Photo of Katey Outka
Katey Outka

Associate Director

Photo of Ashley Owen
Ashley Owen

SVP, Head of Strategy

Photo of Grant Owens
Grant Owens

Chief Strategy Officer, Critical Mass

Photo of Jennifer Owens
Jennifer Owens

Founder & President, Jennwork

Photo of Dr. Mehmet Oz
Dr. Mehmet Oz

Host, The Dr. Oz Show

Photo of Jaime Padilla
Jaime Padilla

Founder, Principal

Photo of Josh Paialii
Josh Paialii

Head of Creative

Photo of Anna Pakman
Anna Pakman

Vice President, Digital Marketing, Empire State Development

Photo of Hital Pandya
Hital Pandya

Global Group Creative Director

Photo of Ana Paola Noriega
Ana Paola Noriega

Chief Creative Officer

Photo of Colin Parajon
Colin Parajon

Global Brand Strategy Manager, Netflix

Photo of Jenny Park
Jenny Park

Senior Manager 2, Brand Partnerships

Photo of Joon Park
Joon Park

Senior Consultant

Photo of Steph Parker
Steph Parker

Director of Digital Strategy, Digitas Health

Photo of Tom Parker
Tom Parker

Chief Creative Officer, Edelman

Photo of Joao Passarinho Netto
Joao Passarinho Netto

VP Creative Strategy, Jotacom - The Cross Performance Agency

Photo of Sonika Patel
Sonika Patel

SVP, Head of Marketing

Photo of Jodi Patkin
Jodi Patkin

SVP, Brand Marketing & Communications

Photo of Richard Pattinson
Richard Pattinson

Global SVP, BBC StoryWorks

Photo of Dave Peck
Dave Peck

Global Head of Social Media, PayPal

Photo of Áine Pennello
Áine Pennello

Documentary Producer

Photo of Josh Penny
Josh Penny

Director, Social Impact

Photo of Lucas Peon
Lucas Peon

Executive Creative Director, J. Walter Thompson London

Photo of Lilith Peper
Lilith Peper

Head of Strategy

Photo of Jonathan Perelman
Jonathan Perelman

Head of Digital Ventures, ICM Partners

Photo of Jason Perelson
Jason Perelson

Creative Director

Photo of Maggie Perlich
Maggie Perlich

Senior Vice President

Photo of Jennifer Perri
Jennifer Perri

Vice President, Univision Creator Network

Photo of Kevin Petersen
Kevin Petersen

Global Social and Community Strategy Lead, Cisco

Photo of Sam Pezzullo
Sam Pezzullo

Co-Founder, Made Out East

Photo of Nick Phelps
Nick Phelps


Photo of Akemi Phillips
Akemi Phillips

Director, Digital Marketing, DreamWorks Animation

Photo of Kim Pick
Kim Pick

Executive Creative Director, New Zealand

Photo of Ashlee Piga
Ashlee Piga

CEO, Lotus Digital

Photo of Elizabeth Pigg
Elizabeth Pigg

Chief Marketing Officer, That's it.

Photo of Sascha Piltz
Sascha Piltz

SVP Executive Creative Director

Photo of Tristan Pineiro
Tristan Pineiro

VP Marketing and Communications

Photo of Daniel  Pink
Daniel Pink

Author, To Sell is Human

Photo of Sandrine Plasseraud
Sandrine Plasseraud

Founder and CEO, We Are Social France

Photo of Michael Platco
Michael Platco

Snapchat Influencer, Founder of TEN:FIFTEEN Creative

Photo of Nicholas Platt
Nicholas Platt

Founder, Chief Executive Officer, LO:LA

Photo of Tod Plotkin
Tod Plotkin

Principal, Green Buzz Agency

Photo of Dennis Plucinik
Dennis Plucinik

President and Founder

Photo of David Pogue
David Pogue

Tech columnist, Yahoo; Author, The World According to Twitter

Photo of Heather Hatlo Porter
Heather Hatlo Porter

Chief Communications Officer

Photo of Michael Porter
Michael Porter

Senior Vice President, Strategy & Development

Photo of Edu Pou
Edu Pou

Contributing Writer, Revista Writer

Photo of Stephanie Powell
Stephanie Powell

Head of Content

Jonathan Prince

SVP, Marketing, Brand & Communications

Photo of Mike Proulx
Mike Proulx

VP, Research Director

Photo of Dora Pruzincova
Dora Pruzincova

Chief Creative Officer

Photo of Horacio "Chacho" Puebla
Horacio "Chacho" Puebla

Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Photo of Emma Pueyo
Emma Pueyo

VP Brand & Creative, Colvin

Photo of Christena Pyle
Christena Pyle

Chief Equity Officer, Americas

Photo of Douglas Quenqua
Douglas Quenqua

Independent Journalist

Photo of Judith Rachel King
Judith Rachel King

Owner, CEO, King + Company

Photo of Chuck Rachford
Chuck Rachford

Executive Creative Director

Photo of Samira Rafi
Samira Rafi

Creative Director

Photo of Deadra Rahaman
Deadra Rahaman

Vice-President, Brand Strategy

Photo of Shama Rahman
Shama Rahman

Senior Director of Brand & Growth Marketing

Photo of Tania Rahman
Tania Rahman

Social Media Director

Photo of Kaleesha Rajamantri
Kaleesha Rajamantri

Head of Worldwide Shopping Events

Photo of  Matthew Ramella
Matthew Ramella

Managing Director, Reprise

Photo of Marcelo Ramirez
Marcelo Ramirez

Executive Creative Director

Photo of Anthony Allen Ramos
Anthony Allen Ramos

VP of Communications & Talent

Photo of Mariana Ramos
Mariana Ramos

Client Strategy Lead

Photo of Devika Rao
Devika Rao

President, O'Neill Communications

Photo of Ian Rapoport
Ian Rapoport

NFL Network National Insider, NFL Network and

Photo of Aza Raskin
Aza Raskin

VP, Innovation, Jawbone

Photo of Alexander Rea
Alexander Rea

Freelance ECD

Photo of Julijus Rebic
Julijus Rebic

Executive Creative Director

Photo of Sam Reichman
Sam Reichman

Executive Creative Director

Photo of Nancy Rew
Nancy Rew

Vice President, Marketing & Communications

Photo of Kerry Reynolds
Kerry Reynolds

VP, Marketing

Photo of Brittany Rice
Brittany Rice

Director, Social and Content

Photo of Bennett Richardson
Bennett Richardson

VP & General Manager, Protocol

Photo of Courtney Richardson
Courtney Richardson

Creative Director

Photo of Dominic Riley
Dominic Riley

Digital Publicity & Partnerships, Netflix

Photo of Meg Riley
Meg Riley

SVP, Head of Social

Photo of Sergio Rio León
Sergio Rio León

Creative Director

Photo of Taylor Ritzel
Taylor Ritzel

Entertainment Executive

Photo of Tiffany Rivers
Tiffany Rivers

Senior Director, Social + Influencer Marketing

Photo of AJ Rivvers
AJ Rivvers

Creative Partner

Photo of Anthony Roberts, Jr.
Anthony Roberts, Jr.

Associate Manager, Media Content and Partnerships

Photo of Adam Robinson
Adam Robinson

VP, Paramount Social Impact

Photo of Josefina Rodriguez
Josefina Rodriguez

Social Impact Partnerships, Industry Relations

Photo of Pedro L.  Rodriguez
Pedro L. Rodriguez

VP, Business Growth, Digital Marketing & Transformation, Horizon Media

Photo of Taylor Rohwedder
Taylor Rohwedder

Co-Founder and COO, Wimze Digital

Photo of Eric Rojas
Eric Rojas

Chief Creative Officer

Photo of Keum Roling
Keum Roling

PR & Communications Manager, BDO Global

Photo of Katy Romdall
Katy Romdall

Senior Community Manager, Duolingo

Photo of Camila Romero
Camila Romero

Managing Director

Photo of Carolyn Rooke
Carolyn Rooke

Group Director, Social Strategy

Photo of Robert  Rose
Robert Rose

Chief Strategy Officer, The Content Advisory

Photo of Jim Rosenberg
Jim Rosenberg

SVP and Chief Communications Officer, Accion

Photo of Josh Rosenberg
Josh Rosenberg

Co-Founder and CEO, Day One Agency

Photo of Jeff Rosenblum
Jeff Rosenblum

Founding Partner, Questus

Photo of Daniel Roth
Daniel Roth

Executive Editor, LinkedIn

Photo of Laura Rothstein
Laura Rothstein

Creative Director

Photo of Jason Rowland
Jason Rowland

Social Media Strategist

Photo of Adam Royce
Adam Royce

VP Creative Strategy Director

Photo of Kelle Rozell
Kelle Rozell

Director, Marketing & Social, VICELAND

Photo of Susannah Rubin
Susannah Rubin

Associate Creative Director

Photo of Adam Rubins
Adam Rubins

CEO, Way To Blue

Photo of Ashley Rudder
Ashley Rudder

Chief Creative Officer

Photo of Michael Rudin
Michael Rudin

Founder + Creative Director, Armed Mind

Photo of Jessica Rudis
Jessica Rudis

Group Digital Strategy Director

Photo of Monique Ruff-Bell
Monique Ruff-Bell

Head of Conferences

Photo of Alex Ruiz
Alex Ruiz

Group Digital Director

Photo of Marianna Ruiz
Marianna Ruiz

EVP, Executive Creative Director

Photo of Erica Rupp
Erica Rupp

Head of Community, Content

Photo of Tyree Rush
Tyree Rush


Photo of Sandy Russell
Sandy Russell

Founder, CEO, Sandy Russell Creative

Photo of Linda Rutherford
Linda Rutherford

Senior Vice President, Chief Communications Officer, Southwest Airlines

Photo of Celia Ryan
Celia Ryan

Creative Director

Photo of John Sabine
John Sabine

Director of Social

Photo of Win Sakdinan
Win Sakdinan

Sr Director, NA Business Marketing

Photo of Sebastian Saldarriaga Rodriguez
Sebastian Saldarriaga Rodriguez

VP Creative and Social Media

Photo of Ricardo Salgado
Ricardo Salgado

VP Creative Director

Photo of Carmen San Segundo
Carmen San Segundo

Global Communications Director, CSR and Sustainability

Photo of Thomas Sanders
Thomas Sanders

Viner and Entertainer

Photo of Eric Sandler
Eric Sandler

VP, Marketing

Photo of Destin Sandlin
Destin Sandlin

YouTuber, Smarter Every Day

Photo of Alberto Santiago Deida
Alberto Santiago Deida

Creative Director

Photo of Matthew  Santoro
Matthew Santoro

YouTuber and Periscoper

Photo of Kat Saoyen
Kat Saoyen

VP, Creative Director

Photo of Carolina Saraiva
Carolina Saraiva

Global Creative Director

Photo of Ciro Sarmiento
Ciro Sarmiento

Chief Creative Officer New York, Weber Shandwick

Photo of Rosswell Saunders
Rosswell Saunders

Group Creative Director

Photo of Julie Scelzo
Julie Scelzo

Global Executive Creative Director, American Express

Photo of Ian Schafer
Ian Schafer

CEO, Deep Focus

Photo of Clint Schaff
Clint Schaff

Vice President, Strategy and Development, Los Angeles Times

Photo of Paul Scheer
Paul Scheer

Actor and Comedian

Photo of Chris Schmicker
Chris Schmicker

Director, Brand Marketing Ops

Photo of Alex Schmider
Alex Schmider

Director, Transgender Representation

Photo of Nev Schulman
Nev Schulman

Producer, Writer, and Television Host

Photo of Jordan Schultz
Jordan Schultz

VP, Head of Social & Digital Creative

Photo of Robert Schwartz
Robert Schwartz

Chief Marketing Officer, Carat

Photo of Alessandro M. Sciortino
Alessandro M. Sciortino

Creative Director Italy, MRM//McCann

Photo of Adam Scott
Adam Scott

Actor and Comedian, NBC's Parks and Recreation

Photo of Ahmet Hüsrev Sefer
Ahmet Hüsrev Sefer

Creative Director

Photo of Liron Segev
Liron Segev

YouTube Digital Strategist & Tech Content Creator, TheTechieGuy

Photo of Indy Selvarajah
Indy Selvarajah

Executive Creative Director

Photo of Morgan Selzer
Morgan Selzer

Chief Content & Studios Officer

Photo of Jeff Semones
Jeff Semones

Managing Partner, Head of Social

Photo of Christopher Serafino
Christopher Serafino

Director, Creative - Social Media, Equinox

Photo of Melissa Severin
Melissa Severin

Vice President, Director of Agency Communications, Cramer-Krasselt

Photo of Carrie Shade
Carrie Shade

Creator & Social Media Manager

Photo of Kinal Shah
Kinal Shah

Head of Brand and Global Marketing

Photo of Katherine Sharp
Katherine Sharp

Senior Manager of Social Experience

Photo of Tina Shaw
Tina Shaw

Senior Creative Director, NBCUniversal/ Entertainment Marketing & Digital

Photo of Carrie  Sheffield
Carrie Sheffield

Founder & CEO, Bold

Photo of Tim Shey
Tim Shey

Producer and Startup Founder

Photo of Adam Shlachter
Adam Shlachter

CMO, Group Nine Media

Photo of Tobi Shonibare
Tobi Shonibare

Photographer and Videographer, Freelance/Havas

Photo of Jacob Shwirtz
Jacob Shwirtz

Global Head of Media & Entertainment - Growth Partnerships, WeWork

Photo of Adi Sideman
Adi Sideman

Founder and CEO, YouNow

Photo of Jabulani Sigege
Jabulani Sigege

Executive Creative Director

Photo of Luís Silva Dias
Luís Silva Dias

CEO, FCB International

Photo of Luiz Vicente Simoes
Luiz Vicente Simoes

Group Creative Director

Photo of Ariel Sims
Ariel Sims

SVP, Head of Paid Social

Photo of Harjot Singh
Harjot Singh

Global Chief Strategy Officer

Photo of Shivika Sinha
Shivika Sinha

Founder & CEO, Veneka

Photo of David Sipe
David Sipe


Photo of David Skerrett
David Skerrett

Group Strategy Director

Photo of Adina Smith
Adina Smith

SVP, Marketing

Photo of Adrianne Smith
Adrianne Smith

SVP and Senior Partner - Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Photo of Amy Smith
Amy Smith

Chief Strategy & Impact Officer

Photo of Cary Smith
Cary Smith

Executive Creative Director

Photo of Emily Sue Smith
Emily Sue Smith

Head of Creative and Digital, PepsiCo’s Content Studio

Photo of Leslie Smith
Leslie Smith

Senior Manager of Marketing & Audience Strategy

Photo of Rob Smith
Rob Smith

Founder / CEO, The Phluid Project

Photo of Qianna Smith Bruneteau
Qianna Smith Bruneteau

Founder, Executive Director, American Influencer Council

Photo of Christopher Sojka
Christopher Sojka

Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder

Photo of Sherri Solinger
Sherri Solinger

Creative Director

Photo of Rick Song
Rick Song

President, Brand Innovators Strategy Group

Photo of Katie Soo
Katie Soo

Global Chief Business Officer

Photo of Marie Sornin
Marie Sornin

VP, Marketing and Sales, NextVR

Photo of Sergio Spaccavento
Sergio Spaccavento

Executive Creative Director

Photo of Maria Sparling
Maria Sparling

VP, Strategy & Client Services, Socialfly

Photo of Georgii Speakman
Georgii Speakman

Managing Director, OUT.LI.ER

Photo of Jason Sperling
Jason Sperling

Global Executive Creative Director, Facebook Reality Labs

Photo of Steve Spurgat
Steve Spurgat

Manager Partner

Photo of Sree Sreenivasan
Sree Sreenivasan

Cofounder, Digimentors

Photo of Amy Starnes
Amy Starnes

Chief Innovation Officer

Photo of Nicole Starr
Nicole Starr

VP, Social Impact

Photo of Cory  Staudacher
Cory Staudacher


Photo of Don Steele
Don Steele

SVP Marketing & Audience Development, Fusion Media Group

Photo of Julie Steinhagen
Julie Steinhagen

Co-Founder, Creative Director

Photo of Randa Stephan
Randa Stephan

Head of Brand, Weber Shandwick

Photo of Kelly Stewart
Kelly Stewart

Head of Entertainment, Celebrity & Influencer Partnerships, Partners In Health

Photo of Chad Stoller
Chad Stoller

Managing Partner, IPG Media Lab

Photo of Jimmie Stone
Jimmie Stone

Chief Creative Officer, New York & Latin America, Edelman

Photo of Hannah Strashun
Hannah Strashun

Vice President, Group Campaign Director

Photo of Robyn Streisand
Robyn Streisand

Founder / CEO, The Mixx

Photo of Bill Strickland
Bill Strickland

Editor, Bicycling Magazine

Photo of George Strompolos
George Strompolos

Founder and CEO, Fullscreen

Photo of Katie Sturino
Katie Sturino

Founder, The12ishStyle and Megababe Beauty

Photo of Kaori Sueyoshi
Kaori Sueyoshi


Photo of Jonny Sun
Jonny Sun

Screenwriter and Author

Photo of Winnie Sun
Winnie Sun

Managing Director, Founding Partner

Photo of Josh Sundquist
Josh Sundquist

Author, We Should Hang Out Sometime; YouTuber

Photo of Dave Surgan
Dave Surgan

Creative Agency Partner, Facebook/Instagram

Photo of Nick Susi
Nick Susi

Head of Strategy, Complex, Complex Collective

Photo of Anthony Svirskis
Anthony Svirskis

Tribe, CEO

Photo of Greg Swan
Greg Swan

Senior Partner, Midwest Digital Lead

Photo of Christina Swarns
Christina Swarns

Executive Director

Photo of Jay Sylvester
Jay Sylvester

EVP, Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness

Photo of Genevieve Taft-Vazquez
Genevieve Taft-Vazquez

Global Director, Human Rights/ESG

Photo of Takae Takahashi
Takae Takahashi

VP Creative Director

Photo of Jeff Tan
Jeff Tan

SVP, Mobile, Dentsu Aegis Network

Photo of Sueann Tannis
Sueann Tannis

Senior Director, Integrated Communications

Photo of Kim Tarlo
Kim Tarlo

Executive Creative Director

Photo of Amber Tarshis
Amber Tarshis

Head of Marketing, Atom Tickets

Photo of Andaiye Taylor
Andaiye Taylor

Editorial Director

Photo of Victoria Taylor
Victoria Taylor

Director of Community

Photo of Jasmine Teer
Jasmine Teer

Director of Strategy

Photo of Andrew Teixeira
Andrew Teixeira

Supervisor, Client Experience, Known

Photo of Esther Mireya Tejeda
Esther Mireya Tejeda

Senior Vice President, Head of Corporate Communications & Public Relations, Entercom

Photo of Marta L.  Tellado
Marta L. Tellado

President & CEO, Consumer Reports

Photo of Andrew Temkin
Andrew Temkin

Co-Founder & President, Ader

Photo of Katy Tenerovich
Katy Tenerovich

Director, Social Strategy, Fitzco

Photo of Michael Tennant
Michael Tennant

Founder and CEO

Photo of Brett Terblanche
Brett Terblanche

Group Creative Director

Photo of Scott Terry
Scott Terry

Director of Business Affairs

Photo of Carolyn Thacher
Carolyn Thacher

Head of Social Media

Photo of  The Fat Jew
The Fat Jew

American Social Media and TV Personality

Photo of Rachel Theberge
Rachel Theberge

Creative Director

Photo of Zanah Thirus
Zanah Thirus

Producer, Leo Burnett

Photo of Clinton Thodos
Clinton Thodos

Brand Social Producer

Photo of Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas

Chief Innovation Officer, Sierra Club

Photo of Kaya  Thomas
Kaya Thomas

Student, iOS Developer

Photo of Morgan Thomas
Morgan Thomas

Associate Creative Director

Photo of Albert Thompson
Albert Thompson

Managing Director, Digital Innovation

Photo of Nickie Thongton
Nickie Thongton

Creative Director

Photo of Julie Thorne
Julie Thorne

Group Account Director

Photo of Rosa Lee Timm
Rosa Lee Timm

Chief Marketing Officer / President, CSD Social Venture Fund

Photo of Ronnie Ting
Ronnie Ting

Head of Design and Experiences

Photo of Jim Tobin
Jim Tobin

President, Carusele

Photo of Eric Toda
Eric Toda

Global Head of Social Marketing at Meta

Photo of Ashley Tolusic Einhorn
Ashley Tolusic Einhorn

President & Sales Consultant

Photo of Lilian Tomovich
Lilian Tomovich

Chief Experience & Marketing Officer, MGM Resorts International

Photo of Ben Torres Ezrick
Ben Torres Ezrick

Head of Brand Marketing

Photo of Mary Toves
Mary Toves

Group Creative Strategy Director

Photo of Nik Traxler
Nik Traxler

Founding Partner and Head of Production and Content

Photo of Laura Trombo
Laura Trombo

Director of Creative

Photo of Leigh Anne Tuohy
Leigh Anne Tuohy

Author and Motivational Speaker

Photo of Susan Tynan
Susan Tynan

Founder & CEO, Framebridge

Photo of Cameron Uganec
Cameron Uganec

Senior VP of Marketing, Later

Photo of Michelle Underwood
Michelle Underwood

Group Creative Director

Photo of Aaqib Usman
Aaqib Usman

Founder, Midwest Immersive

Photo of Val Vacante
Val Vacante

VP, Solutions Innovation

Photo of Nika Vagner
Nika Vagner

Director of Social Marketing, AMC Networks

Photo of Carolina Valencia
Carolina Valencia

Director of Partnerships and Communications

Photo of Juan Pablo Valencia
Juan Pablo Valencia

Creative Director

Photo of Renee Van den Oetelaar
Renee Van den Oetelaar

Head Of Boomerang FT.

Photo of Angel Van Der Biest
Angel Van Der Biest

Title Social Lead

Photo of Olaf van Gerwen
Olaf van Gerwen

Co-Founder & Global Creative Director, Chuck Studios

Photo of Arielle Vandenberg
Arielle Vandenberg

Actress, Host, Social Media Influencer

Photo of Valerie Vargas
Valerie Vargas

SVP – Advertising, Creative Services & HelloLab, AT&T

Photo of Christian Varsava
Christian Varsava

Global Social Media & Community Manager

Photo of Mark Viden
Mark Viden

Senior Vice President, Brand, CommonSpirit

Photo of Nkululeko Vilakazi
Nkululeko Vilakazi

Creative Director

Photo of Zamile Vilakazi
Zamile Vilakazi

SVP, Head of Production, 22squared

Photo of Ana Villegas
Ana Villegas

Marketing Director, Dell

Photo of Anna Maria Virzi
Anna Maria Virzi

Senior Writer, Gartner

Photo of Denise Vitola
Denise Vitola

VP Brand Integration PR, Social and Influencer

Photo of Valeriia Voshchevska
Valeriia Voshchevska

Independent Audience Strategist

Photo of Rae Votta
Rae Votta

Head of Podcasting

Photo of Jon Wagner
Jon Wagner

Executive Creative Director

Photo of Jimmy Wales
Jimmy Wales

Founder, Wikipedia

Photo of George B. Walker
George B. Walker

Chief Equity Officer

Photo of Eva Wallmark
Eva Wallmark

Art Director and Partner

Photo of David Walmsley
David Walmsley

Editor-in-Chief, Globe and Mail

Photo of Nick Walsh
Nick Walsh

Director, Social Media

Photo of Jennifer Walters
Jennifer Walters

VP, Campaign Director

Photo of Matt Walton
Matt Walton

Co-Chief Creative Officer

Photo of Justin Warden
Justin Warden

Co-Founder & CEO, Ader

Photo of Michelle Waring
Michelle Waring

Steward for Sustainability and Everyday Good

Photo of Bryan Warman
Bryan Warman

SVP Digital Marketing, Warner Bros.

Photo of Josh Weaver
Josh Weaver

CEO and Chief Consultant, Josh Weaver Group

Photo of Mark Webster
Mark Webster

UK & Europe Managing Director

Photo of Karel Wegert
Karel Wegert

Executive Vice President, Media Experts

Photo of Nola Weinstein
Nola Weinstein

Global Head of Culture & Brand Experience, Twitter

Photo of Tony Weisman
Tony Weisman

Chief Marketing Officer, Dunkin' Brands

Photo of Gregg Weiss
Gregg Weiss

SVP, Consumer Social Media

Photo of Khartoon Weiss
Khartoon Weiss

Global Head of Agency & Accounts

Photo of Nicole Weiss-Calamar
Nicole Weiss-Calamar

Marketing Consultant

Photo of Natasha Wellesley
Natasha Wellesley

Executive Producer

Photo of Joshua Wells
Joshua Wells

Creative Lead & Design, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Photo of Michael Wente
Michael Wente

VP, Head of Creative Marketing & Brand Design

Photo of Lauren Wesley Wilson
Lauren Wesley Wilson

Founder and CEO

Photo of Christine Whitemarsh
Christine Whitemarsh

Senior Marketing Manager, Brand & Communication

Photo of Gwen Laura Whiting
Gwen Laura Whiting

Co-Founder, The Laundress

Photo of Dennis Williams
Dennis Williams

SVP of Corporate Social Responsibility

Photo of Hannah Williams
Hannah Williams

Executive Creative Director

Photo of Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams

Vice President, Digital Products

Photo of Lewis Williams
Lewis Williams

EVP, Head of Brand Impact

Photo of Tynesha Williams
Tynesha Williams

SVP Executive Creative Director, 3AM

Photo of Filip Williander
Filip Williander

VP, Head of Technology & Innovation

Photo of Tunisia Wilson
Tunisia Wilson

Creative Director

Photo of Jennifer Winberg
Jennifer Winberg

Senior Director, Social

Photo of Blake Winfree
Blake Winfree

Chief of Social Impact

Photo of Kate Winick
Kate Winick

Senior Director, Social Media

Photo of Justin Winters
Justin Winters

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Photo of Kate Wolff
Kate Wolff

Founder & CEO

Photo of Ian Wolfman
Ian Wolfman

Co-Founder, Wolfman Group

Photo of Nanette Wong
Nanette Wong

Director of Integrated Marketing, Kendo Brands

Photo of James Wood
James Wood

EVP, Executive Creative Director, Formerly Known As

Photo of Steve Wozniack
Steve Wozniack

Co-Founder, Apple Computer, Inc.

Photo of Dan Wright
Dan Wright

Executive Creative Director, Colenso BBDO

Photo of Bill Wurtz
Bill Wurtz


Photo of Lily Wyckoff
Lily Wyckoff

Creative Director

Photo of Dominique Wynne
Dominique Wynne

Associate Creative Director

Photo of Morgan "Mo" Wynne
Morgan "Mo" Wynne


Photo of Christine Xu
Christine Xu

CMO, McDonald’s China

Photo of Ben Yabsley
Ben Yabsley

Group Creative Director

Photo of Sophie Yan
Sophie Yan

Director of Cultural and Entertainment Advocacy

Photo of Zeyi Yang
Zeyi Yang

Tech Reporter

Photo of Lowry Yankwich
Lowry Yankwich

Independent Podcast Producer

Photo of Patrick Yee
Patrick Yee

EVP of Marketing and Strategy, Refinery29

Photo of Anthony Yell
Anthony Yell

Chief Creative Officer

Photo of Mitu Yilma
Mitu Yilma

Director of Content + Brand

Photo of  John Young
John Young

Social Business Advisor, Southwest Airlines

Photo of Jenna Young
Jenna Young

Executive Creative Director, Weber Shandwick

Photo of Faye Yuan
Faye Yuan


Photo of Tania Yuki
Tania Yuki

CMO, EVP Digital

Photo of Kaya Yurieff
Kaya Yurieff


Photo of Firrdaus Yusoff
Firrdaus Yusoff

Head of Creative

Photo of Rus Yusupov
Rus Yusupov

Co-Founder, Vine

Photo of Atiya Zaidi
Atiya Zaidi


Photo of Harun Zankel
Harun Zankel

Freelance Art Director / Creative Director

Photo of Josh Zimmerman
Josh Zimmerman

CEO & Founder

Photo of David Zinczenko
David Zinczenko

President and CEO, Galvanized Brands

Photo of Maxwell Zorick
Maxwell Zorick

Director of Social Impact at MTV, VH1, and Logo

Photo of Kathy Zucker
Kathy Zucker

Owner and CEO

Photo of Raquelle Zuzarte
Raquelle Zuzarte

Founder & CMO