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Deidre Osei

Independent Social Impact Consultant


Deidre Osei is a dedicated professional driven by her commitment to philanthropy and social transformation. With a holistic approach, she has emerged as a trailblazer in the realm of corporate social responsibility (CSR), social innovation, and program development, utilizing her prowess to forge impactful communities on both national and global scales.

Deidre's journey in driving change began at Alex and Ani, where she honed her skills over eight years in a multifaceted role spanning social impact coordination, project leadership, and strategic partnerships. During her tenure, she established and cultivated relationships with over 50 nonprofit organizations, channeling her efforts towards generating over $60 million in charitable donations.

Her distinguished career then led her to Mattel, where she currently leads global marketing campaigns and social impact initiatives for female empowerment and inclusion at Mattel's iconic Barbie brand, fostering pioneering partnerships and transformative volunteerism efforts.

Deidre's impact extends beyond corporate domains. She has also made significant contributions to the PeaceLove Foundation, excelling in workplace program consulting and community and corporate partnerships. Her accomplishments are equally remarkable at Air & Anchor, where she facilitated meaningful philanthropic partnerships.

A distinguished academic, Deidre holds an MBA from Bryant University and completed the Executive Program for Social Impact Strategy at the University of Pennsylvania. Through her steadfast commitment to catalyzing meaningful change, Deidre Osei has truly embodied innovation, strategic acumen, and unwavering passion, making an indelible mark in the sphere of philanthropy and societal progress.

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