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Leila Eltouny

Marketing Communications Consultant


Leila Eltouny is a Marketing Communications Consultant. She is a curiosity-driven words person who finds excitement in connecting brands with their stakeholders and target audiences through effective and creative communications.

Leila works with clients to grow their organizations by developing customized content strategies, managing internal and external communications, and writing anything from brand guidelines, to social media captions, to press releases. She excels at synthesizing complex information and turning it into easy-to-understand, engaging messaging across digital media platforms, skills she refined while reporting, anchoring, and producing TV news in Oregon. During her time as a Broadcast Journalist, Leila won the 2019 regional award for Best TV News Series by the Society of Professional Journalists and covered events such as Senate elections, mayoral elections, local and national policies, public lands, wildfires, the environment, and more.

Leila truly believes that connecting with people and learning from each other’s unique experiences and intersectional identities is one of the great joys in life. Currently, she is working as a Public Relations Consultant for the State of California. Before that, she was the Media and Communications Specialist at Communication Service for the Deaf, a global social impact organization that empowers the Deaf community by providing innovative products, platforms, and services.

Specialties: Marketing Communications, Copywriting, Media Relations, Public Relations, Content Strategies, Communications Strategies, Content Creation, Accessible Content, Branding, Social Impact, Multimedia Journalism.

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