Photo of Anthony Coleman

Anthony Coleman

Creative Director


Anthony Coleman’s track record as a groundbreaking creative director and strategist speaks volumes for his unwavering (some might even say “obsessive”) passion. He thrives on the spirit of the big city. It’s amidst bustling crowds, a sea of lights, and excessively loud music, he finds the space to create. Constantly inspired by the unseen subcultures and visionaries of the world, his creative work offers a platform for the next generation of black & brown artists and athletes whose voices continue to be either challenged or silenced. To that end, he co-founded the See In Black platform alongside fellow creatives to spur funding for community-based organizations throughout the US.

He is continuously fueled by the challenge to invent ideas from nothing and breakthrough, openly accepting any opportunity to set the pace. His creative work never fails to bring life to cultural narratives that reflect his upbringing while serving an air of mystery that bridges illusion with reality. This is evident in his current work as Creative Director at Nike Chicago and his collaborations with various iconic brands. His personal motto, “Inspiration at scale, authenticity at scale,” encourages those around him to magnify their vision. A deep thinker who doesn’t play small, he is always one step ahead of the curve, proudly pouring heart into everything he does.

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