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Kathy Zucker

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Kathy Zucker shares. Her experiences. Her connections. Her friendship. Why? Because she has received second, third, fourth and fifth chances when many people never receive even one. And? Every single person has value. If Kathy can help even one person find his or her way in life, that makes everything she does worthwhile.

Kathy has appeared on numerous media outlets. Each time she goes on talk shows like the Today Show and Dr. Oz, she bring friends on camera. When her family was cast for the wildly popular reality TV show Impractical Jokers, to celebrate her daughter's ninth birthday, a diverse group of friends was present. And all of them? Got to meet the show's stars and amazing film crew.

Why does Kathy share media opportunities? To help people show the world how amazing they are. Because if she can help lift people up to levels she has achieved? Then they will be successful together. And the more people she can help to succeed? The better.

Kathy Zucker is a graduate of Columbia University and a member of the NCAA champion fencing team advisory board. She lives in Hoboken, NJ with her husband and three children. Kathy is speaking on the community panel at the Speak Up Women conference at the United Nations on March 5, 2016, where her book Five: How a Family Can Create a Career, published by the Metro Media Network, is scheduled to make its debut. You can find her on social media at @KathyZucker or at Please feel free to reach out to start a conversation!

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