Photo of Robyn Streisand

Robyn Streisand

Founder / CEO, The Mixx


A 30-year marketing veteran, Robyn Streisand is the perfect blend of business savvy and creative prowess. In March of 2018 her agency The Mixx celebrated its 22nd anniversary of delivering visionary creative that ignites emotion and generates action across the Fortune 500. She works with industry leaders who appreciate the key insight she brings to the table, along with the top-level strategy, creative, and execution her team provides. Her clients have her number on speed-dial and appreciate that they can count on her for solutions that get to the heart of their business goals. Clients include Mercedes-Benz USA, Disney, and Deloitte, amongst many others.

Robyn is a recognized figure in the LGBT community, recently featured in Out Magazine’s 2016’s most influential OUT 100 people in the United States and is a co-founder of the NGLCC NY in Manhattan. Her commitment to working with diverse-owned businesses has always been a point of passion, where she continues to focus on leveraging the business potential of independent, diverse companies.

This same entrepreneurial instinct and passion for diversity led her to launch a second venture, Titanium Worldwide. The world’s first collective of certified-diverse agencies in the marketing, media, and communications space launched in 2014, and offers integrated solutions for today’s business needs. Her knack for connecting the right people, and her strong belief in finding ways to work better together paid off when the collective landed contracts with Fortune 500 companies within its first year.??Robyn and her wife Linda have raised two beautiful girls together and reside in New York City.

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