Photo of Madeleine Nischan

Madeleine Nischan

Director of Post-production, Hawkfish media


Madeleine Nischan began her life in video more than 10 years ago in the advertising arena and landed in social media. She’s passionate about telling meaningful stories and grow audiences, whether for entertainment or to change the world we live in. From pre to post-production and audience development, she loves getting her hands in there and seeing what works.

Currently, she is the Director of Production and Post-production for Brut., inc. where she built the post-production team and created the workflows and processes that keep the stories coming in a timely and efficient way. She also oversees production to final videos to make sure they are on brand and engaging and impactful enough to encourage positive, solution-based reactions to current issues.

She has participated in panel talks with DocSociety and has given presentations on the effects videos can play in creating real change. She is also a mentor to up and comers in the industry as she is excited to see the future of what video can be.

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