Photo of Laura Trombo

Laura Trombo

Director of Creative


A Creative Director currently residing in sunny Los Angeles, Laura Trombo has been launching, invigorating, and reviving brands for over 15 years. Big agencies, in-house agencies, and even her own agency, she’s designed engaging and award-winning campaigns for brands like Disney, Mattel, AT&T, Capital One, American Diabetes Association, and many others.

Laura decided on her career path in the 2nd grade and hasn’t looked back since. She’s turned her curiosity, passion for design and penchant for asking “what if…” and “why not…” into a life of pushing boundaries and shunning the conventional.

Currently, Laura is leading creative at Mattel for brands like Masters of the Universe, UNO, Mattel Creations, Magic 8 Ball and Scrabble. Playing with toys, asking “wouldn’t it be awesome if…” and making 2nd grade Laura proud.

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