Photo of Golriz Lucina

Golriz Lucina

Senior Vice President of Content and Creative, SoulPancake


Golriz Lucina is Senior Vice President of Content and Creative at SoulPancake, the award-winning digital media and entertainment company founded by actor Rainn Wilson, now a division of Participant Media. SoulPancake creates a variety of content that explores the human experience and engages a socially-minded, global audience.

Golriz began at SoulPancake as the co-director of content when launched in 2009. She is also one of the co-authors of the New York Times bestselling book, SoulPancake: Chew On Life's Big Questions.

With a Master’s in publishing, and a background in theater, marketing, and visual arts, Golriz has established a distinct, creative voice for SoulPancake and her passion for joyfully disruptive storytelling has helped to create hugely successful campaigns for major brand partners including Hasbro, Purina, Vitamix, Smucker's and Hershey's. One of Golriz’s passions is being a part of the journey when the seed of a great idea for content actually comes to fruition - "when something we make contributes to a person feeling more connected to themselves, and those around them, I consider that a job well done.

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