Photo of Emily Furtado

Emily Furtado

Managing Director, Digital


A creative leader with over ten years of experience in the digital sphere, Emily brings a deep understanding of this ever-evolving industry to her role making her a powerful force who consistently overdelivers on objectives. In addition, Emily worked with WestJet for over five years and has experience working with clients across various industries from government, B2B, tourism and retail to name but a few. These have included heavy hitters, such as Bath Fitter, CAA, Rexall, Royal Canadian Mint and Export Development Canada.

In her current role at Media Experts as Managing Director, Performance Media, she optimizes client results as a cross-channel leader, helping to bridge together the SBUs in order to streamline their collaborative efforts and deliver a singular, holistic purpose across all digital activity in market.

Always striving to learn more, Emily was one of the first search marketers in the world to be fully certified on Adobe Media Optimizer. She has also spearheaded several innovative campaigns that were shortlisted for industry-leading media awards.

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