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Kasumi Mihori

SVP Brand Creative


I’m an Emmy award-winning entertainment media executive and change maker with three decades of brand creative and marketing expertise blending best practices from both top global branding agencies and entertainment media conglomerates/ studios. I’m an entrepreneur at heart and have had the privilege of building and operating internal agencies at Warner Media and Sony Pictures Entertainment creating cultural change through the elevation of brands.

The breadth of my experience is focused on brand strategy, creative ideation, execution, implementation and activation of iconic, global entertainment and sports entities - all rooted in a 360 holistic approach centered around the fan journey. I love finding the white space and solving complex problems while envisioning and executing at global scale. Decades of agency experience has allowed me opportunities to execute on creative vision and craft meaningful stories that are platform agnostic with universal resonance and global appeal. My philosophy is one where brand integrity and human connection are seamlessly intertwined at the intersection of culture and entertainment.

I’m passionate about the AAPI community, gender parity and social justice and enjoy leveraging my platforms as a seasoned media executive to bring these causes to the forefront of the cultural conversation. I’m equally passionate about mentoring, sponsoring and coaching the next generation of industry leaders in order to help them fulfll their potential and impactfully drive meaningful and lasting change.

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