Photo of Alex Dalman

Alex Dalman

Head of Social & Innovation, VCCP


Driven by wanting to make modern creative ideas, Alex is a rare account person who imbues plenty of creativity, creative vision and innovation, whilst simultaneously being able to mobilise and organise a passionate and focussed team, ensuring work goes into the world to the highest possible standard. Never phased by small budgets, or a challenging brief, Alex is always cooking up an idea or solution to help make clients famous, profitable and admired, with work that is relevant for audiences and contemporary in execution, on platforms where people are spending most of their time.

With over 10 years experience working in social media and non-traditonal media for brands, her highlights this year have been some of the agency’s most exciting and PR’d work, delivering incredible results for client, notably being the creator and driver behind easyJet’s Look&Book app feature which let you book a flight from Instagram for the next generation of travellers, being the driving force behind The O2 to Fortnite Creative, which was a pandemic gamer-first experience of the UK’s most loved music venue, and a reimagined gig for music fans with 10.8 million unique gamers playing, and most recently the brainchild behind taking VCCP’s office and building it in Roblox, which the ultimate aim to make the gaming world more accessible and understood by today’s marketeers.

Her mantra is always go big or go home, if something is worth doing, it is worth doing well. Social Media is relentless and it needs a relentless attitude to keep up which Alex has in droves, but she is also very aware it can be full of busy fools, spending too much time and effort on stuff that has little impact. Alex is astute in knowing where to focus the efforts of the team in order to get the best work out in the world for our clients and for the agency.

Never one to rest on her laurels, she also runs various initiatives to make VCCP a great place to work including Thrive our employer brand, our innovation programme Curious, and being at the forefront of agency wide training and upskilling with her Greencoat Social Education (GCSEs) initiative.

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