Photo of Aaqib Usman

Aaqib Usman

Founder, Midwest Immersive


Aaqib Usman is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder of Midwest Immersive, a cutting edge interactive multimedia studio specializing in augmented reality, groundbreaking projection mapping techniques, and advanced audio-visual software. His passion for these emerging technologies, coupled with the art of storytelling gave Aaqib the foresight to see the potential of how combining the two can create brand experiences like we’ve never seen before. Just like that, Midwest Immersive was born. 

As founder, Aaqib emerged as a leader in the Immersive Reality community and has turned Midwest Immersive into the go-to creative studio for experience creation. Today, some of his clients include both national and global brands such as Adidas, Cadbury, Invisalign, Nike, Lurie Children’s Hospital, Make-A-Wish Foundation, 1871 and many others. 

While Aaqib has come a long way in a short period of time, he has always remained true to his mission, to change the way brands interact with their audiences by creating the most unique in-person experiential connections.

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