Photo of James Wood

James Wood

EVP, Executive Creative Director, MRY


James is a 25-year advertising veteran who leads creative for MRY with an obsession for work that is culturally connected. His point of view is shaped by early experiences creating relevance for MTV in a post–music video reality and pioneering social media at popular youth platform,

Before joining MRY to lead the Johnson & Johnson client portfolio including Listerine, Band-Aid and Visine, James spent 6 years growing mcgarrybowen’s integrated digital and social practice into one of the largest in New York. There he created innovative work for Verizon, Chevron, Crayola and others.

Today, James leads a team of creative problem solvers and cultural advocates who help brands like Kellogg’s, Walmart, and American Express earn a place in consumer’s lives. Some of his recent successes are creating the first-ever ad campaign for Five Guys and creating the first-ever Super Bowl commercial for Pop-Tarts. His proudest achievement is teaching Anthony Daniels (C3PO) how to use Twitter.

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