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Oren Greenberg

Fractional CMO


Oren Greenberg is a scale-up marketing advisor and founder of Kurve, a mobile app marketing agency in London, UK. He assists public companies and funded startups with marketing challenges.

Oren’s digital strategy and commercial expertise contributed to the growth of global companies like BT, Lenovo, Canon, Investec Bank, and HomeServe. And scale-ups including Treecard, Sweatcoin, Prolific and Peakon.

Influencing marketing budgets with a combined value of over £300 million, working with 80+ companies over the past 20 years. Achievements include managing extensive paid search campaigns with over 13.7 million key phrases and scaling paid search delivery by 139% to 12,600 B2B clients.

From selling glow-in-the-dark yoyos and renting out his game console at age ten, Oren’s entrepreneurial spirit flourished when he moved to London at 19 after the army to expand his career opportunities. From 3D animation work to graphic design in a digital agency, before going in-house and self-training in SEO where he got hooked on delivering transformational results for businesses using marketing.

Featured in over 100 publications, including the Telegraph, Social Media Examiner and the HubSpot blog. He is a lifelong meditator after a stint in the Himalayas practising complete silence for ten days, an incredible feat if you ask anyone who knows him. He also sculpts and has a feral toddler who loves to wrestle.

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