Photo of Noor Keim

Noor Keim

Director, Social Strategy


Noor started her career at Fox Broadcasting, launching social & digital content plans for Mindy Project, Brooklyn 99, and New Girl. She was a critical team mate in rebranding & launching their social channels. More recently, she’s worked on multicultural social campaigns & strategies for Chick-fil-A – social content performed higher than their general market pieces. She developed & managed multicultural community management program , a first for the brand, mining stories, creative opportunities for use on the general market side.

Catch Noor outside of work, and she’s likely either testing new recipes, working out (F45 fanatic!), or curled up with a good book (sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction).

* Chick-fil-A
* GoDaddy
* DoorDash
* Tinder
* Hootsuite
* got milk?
* Fox Broadcasting ( New Girl, Brooklyn 99, Mindy Project)
* Habit Burger
* Wienerschnitzel

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