Academy Member Directory

The Academy is comprised of luminaries from advertising, media, entertainment and technology. Members are grouped into juries based on their individual areas of expertise. The Marketing & CMO juries are responsible for judging the Shorty Awards for brands & organizations.

Matt Andree Wiltens

Director of Publicity, Amblin Partners

King Bach


Craig Benzine

YouTuber, WheezyWaiter

Alton Brown

Bestselling Author and Foodist

Marques Brownlee

Web Video Producer

Nick Cannon

Host, America's Got Talent; Founder of NCredible Entertainment; and Chairman of TeenNick

Jessica Cook

Viner and Entertainer

J. Cyrus

Viner and Influencer

Josh Darnit

Viner and Entertainer

Jordan Ellner

Sr. Director of Talent and Digital Development, Comedy Central

Justine Ezarik

YouTuber, iJustine

Louis Faranda

General Manager and Talent Producer, Caroline's on Broadway

Benny Fine

YouTuber, The Fine Bros

Stephen Fry

Actor and Writer

Amymarie Gaertner

Dancer and Social Influencer

Nikki Glaser


Dick Glover

CEO and Co-Founder, Funny or Die

Gigi Gorgeous

Activist, YouTuber and Author

JoAnn Grigioni

Vice President, Talent for Comedy Central

MC Hammer

Entertainer and Entrepreneur

Mamrie Hart

Comedian and YouTuber

Caroline Hirsch

Owner of Caroline's on Broadway

Jake Hurwitz

Comedian, Jake and Amir

Cody Johns

Viner and Entertainer

Jay Katsir

TV Writer, The Colbert Report

Lewis Kay

Co-CEO, Kovert Creative

Andy Kindler


Zane Lamprey

Host and Producer; Chug, Drinking Made Easy, Three Sheets

Aasif Mandvi

Actor and Director

Jenna Marbles


Vincent Marcus

Viner and Entertainer

Alyssa Milano

Actress, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur

Deepica Mutyala

Founder & CEO, Live Tinted

Matt Nelson

Owner, WeRateDogs

Tyler Oakley

YouTuber and Entertainer

Michael Platco

Snapchat Influencer, Founder of TEN:FIFTEEN Creative


Stand-Up Comedian and Actress

Olan Rogers

Filmmaker and YouTuber

Thomas Sanders

Viner and Entertainer

Matthew Santoro

YouTuber and Periscoper

Paul Scheer

Actor and Comedian

Nev Schulman

Producer, Writer, and Television Host

Adam Scott

Actor and Comedian, NBC's Parks and Recreation

Katie Sturino

Founder, The12ishStyle and Megababe Beauty

Jonny Sun

Writer and Author

Josh Sundquist

Author, We Should Hang Out Sometime; YouTuber

Mark Suster

General Partner, Upfront Ventures

The Fat Jew

American Social Media and TV Personality

Natalie Tran


Bryan Warman

SVP, Digital Marketing, Warner Bros.

Marlon Wayans

Comedian and Actor

bill wurtz