Academy Member Directory

The Academy is comprised of luminaries from advertising, media, entertainment and technology. Members are grouped into juries based on their individual areas of expertise. The Marketing & CMO juries are responsible for judging the Shorty Awards for brands & organizations.

Photo of Kymberlie  Adams
Kymberlie Adams

Director of Marketing and Communications, Soroptimist and the Campaign

Photo of Shawn Ahmed
Shawn Ahmed

Social Impact & Communications Specialist

Photo of Maryam Al-Khawaja
Maryam Al-Khawaja

Founder and Director

Photo of Jay Ell Alexander
Jay Ell Alexander

Owner and CEO, Black Girls RUN!

Photo of Nancy Amestoy
Nancy Amestoy

Communications Consultant, Accenture Federal Services

Photo of Stephanie Bagley
Stephanie Bagley

SVP Business Development & Operations, Charity Miles

Photo of Dante  Barry
Dante Barry

Executive Director, Million Hoodies Movement for Justice

Photo of Yank Barry
Yank Barry


Photo of Naama Bloom
Naama Bloom

Founder and CEO, HelloFlo

Photo of Charlene Carruthers
Charlene Carruthers

National Director, Black Youth Project 100

Photo of Andrea Chen
Andrea Chen

Executive Director, Propeller

Photo of Derek Flanzraich
Derek Flanzraich

Founder, Greatist

Photo of Melissa Fleming
Melissa Fleming

Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications, United Nations

Photo of Katherine Fliflet
Katherine Fliflet

VP Social Change, Ogilvy Washington

Photo of Gabrielle Frost
Gabrielle Frost

CEO, Buddy Project, Inc.

Photo of Alicia Garza
Alicia Garza

Special Projects Director, National Domestic Workers Alliance

Photo of Corinne Gray
Corinne Gray

Co-founder & CEO, Uncomfortable Revolution

Photo of Brooke Havlik
Brooke Havlik

Communications Strategist and Consultant, Climate + Human Rights

Photo of David Hessekiel
David Hessekiel

President, Engage for Good

Photo of Nicole Hockley
Nicole Hockley

Co-Founder & CEO

Photo of Christal Jackson
Christal Jackson

Founder, Head and Heart Philanthropy/Mosaic Genius

Photo of Wilhelmina Jewell Sparks
Wilhelmina Jewell Sparks


Photo of Lucia Knell
Lucia Knell

Director of Brand Partnerships, Upworthy | GOOD

Photo of Jessica Lauretti
Jessica Lauretti

Founder & Principal, Laurels

Photo of James Lecesne
James Lecesne

Co-Founder, The Trevor Project

Photo of Vera Leung
Vera Leung

Senior Director, Content & Creative

Photo of Christie Marchese
Christie Marchese

CEO, Picture Motion

Photo of Nneka Norville
Nneka Norville

Head, DEI Communications- Global Purpose Comms

Photo of Jennifer Perri
Jennifer Perri

Vice President, Univision Creator Network

Photo of Adam Robinson
Adam Robinson

VP, Paramount Social Impact

Photo of Carmen San Segundo
Carmen San Segundo

Global Communications Director, CSR and Sustainability

Photo of Carrie Shade
Carrie Shade

Creator & Social Media Manager

Photo of Shivika Sinha
Shivika Sinha

Founder & CEO, Veneka

Photo of Rob Smith
Rob Smith

Founder / CEO, The Phluid Project

Photo of Christina Swarns
Christina Swarns

Executive Director

Photo of Marta L.  Tellado
Marta L. Tellado

President & CEO, Consumer Reports

Photo of Leigh Anne Tuohy
Leigh Anne Tuohy

Author and Motivational Speaker

Photo of Sophie Yan
Sophie Yan

Director of Cultural and Entertainment Advocacy

Photo of Maxwell Zorick
Maxwell Zorick

Director of Social Impact at MTV, VH1, and Logo

Photo of Kathy Zucker
Kathy Zucker

Owner and CEO