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Shadawn Hammons

Digital Marketing Specialist


Shadawn Hammons is the Digital Marketing Specialist for the NAACP, working in the intersection of content strategy, technology and process to really personalize the digital experience for their end users. During her time at NAACP, she has won eight marketing awards from Davey and Marcom for various campaigns in 2020 and 2021.

She also contributed to Twenty20 in Black, a coffee table book documenting the Black experience of 2020, and served as a committee chair for the Webby Awards to honor their first-ever Webby Advocate of the Year, awarded to Yara Shahidi in 2021, and 2022 Webby Advocate of the Year Award awarded to Laverne Cox.
Prior to joining NAACP, she worked at Phone2Action specializing in research analysis, as a Research Analyst Intern at Shia Rights Watch through a career development program with The Washington Center, served as a political canvasser for The Human Rights Campaign and Amnesty International, advocating and fundraising for the Equality Act and Syrian refugees.

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