Photo of Liz Gopaul

Liz Gopaul

SVP, Engagement & Social, FCBCURE



As the practice lead for social at FCBCure ,Liz Gopaul develops social strategies and implementation plans to bridge the gap between brand communications, effectively deploying the right content across social channels. With 17 + years of expertise, Liz has partnered with Fortune 100 companies to create social strategies within the pharmaceutical/biotech (HCP, DTC), rare disease, CPG, automotive, and beauty sectors. Liz firmly believes in the power of data. Questioning assumptions, she takes pride in approaching social with a “strategy first” mentality. Her approach to social does not include just a “content calendar” as her approach to social leveraging the power of social listening combining this with strong brand positioning and consumer insights. Her passions lie with developing detailed channel plans often tying back to patient and HCP journeys. Building 100+ Social Newsroom teams, Liz has also mastered the art of AE trained community management teams in addition to developing content production models, catering to the nuances and requirements of MLR reviews.

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