Photo of Gino Morrow

Gino Morrow

VP of Design


Gino Morrow, a visionary leader in UX/UI design, serves as the Head of Design for JERICHO, the cutting-edge cloud-based command control software platform for the United States Air Force and the Department of Defense. With over 15 years of expertise spanning diverse industries such as space, defense, energy, finance, aviation, and healthcare, Morrow is a trailblazer in simplifying complex data through Generative AI and language model development.

Renowned for creating intelligent, emotion-evoking experiences, Gino has consistently delivered transformative design solutions that align with strategic business goals. His impact extends beyond the digital realm, as he is a multidimensional creative force, wielding paint-on-canvas, illustration, photography, storytelling, and writing to convey his artistic prowess.

Morrow passionately believes in the power of the creative process, viewing it as the crucible where innovation and life intersect. For him, tackling complex challenges requires inventive solutions, and he thrives in the crucible of "creating," where resilience is tested, willpower is honed, and rewards manifest. Gino Morrow's work is a testament to the profound truth that, in the process of creation, one discovers not only the essence of their craft but also the essence of themselves.

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