Photo of Marissa Kraines

Marissa Kraines

Vice President, Social & Content Marketing


Marissa Kraines is Vice President of Global Social Media & Content Marketing at Salesforce. With over a decade of experience at the company, she has established a team of 30 social media marketers that oversee brand social, influencers, employee advocacy, operations, analytics, and the core center of excellence for all of Salesforce. She has effectively led social media, content, and video marketing for Salesforce events and has been an on-air talent for Salesforce video productions. Marissa Kraines is an expert in creating and delivering captivating content across social media platforms. Her leadership and expertise have significantly improved Salesforce's digital presence, ensuring a coherent and engaging brand narrative. Before joining Salesforce, Marissa completed her MBA at the University of Texas, McCombs School of Business, and her BA at UCLA. She also had an exciting career in the music industry, working in label marketing, artist management, and venue booking.

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