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Karl Haddad

Global Creative Lead


Karl Haddad is a Global Creative Lead at TikTok, where he works to inspire, educate and guide brands and businesses across the world on how to think TikTok-first.

Lebanese-born and French-educated in Beirut, Haddad was raised alongside a multitude of voices and influences that inspired him to be the creative leader he is today. He is passionate about ensuring diverse perspectives from across the globe reach their fullest potential, and driven by the opportunity to help creatives do just that.

Prior to TikTok, with over 17 years of experience at top advertising agencies on the east and west coasts, Haddad has worked across brands spanning a wide breadth of industries, including Volkswagen, Jim Beam, Best Buy, Budweiser, Quibi, PepsiCo, Amtrak, Jose Cuervo, City of Dubai, Jaguar and Rolex. Pairing human truths with a keen eye for style and passion for storytelling, his work has had global reach, impacting culture and garnering industry recognition at the highest level.

Karl once worked with Don Rickles who only had nice things to say about him.

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