Photo of Jaime Padilla

Jaime Padilla

Founder, Principal


"As principal, with over 20 years in-house, global brand experience, Jaime Padilla was driven to create Prado & Padilla—born from a desire to connect fast, efficient creative development, with his many years managing complex projects and processes across retail, QSRs, luxury goods, financial services, and traditional publishing.

Jaime specializes in optimizing the creative process for the efficiency and scale required of the post-COVID era in which businesses absolutely require agility, faster paths to market, and more cost-effective options of execution and delivery than have been historically available. His success to this point is attributed to a preternatural, whole-brained, bilingual ability to deeply and quickly understand the needs of a business, speaking the language of creatives and marketers, translating a brief into world-class, revenue-generating, lasting work. "

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