Photo of Reema Amin

Reema Amin

Head of Influencer Marketing and Strategy


Reema Amin is an influencer marketing leader with over 10 years of experience helping develop brands presence online, driving awareness and revenue through social media and high-profile talent activation . Reema joined Unilever in September 2022 as the Head of Influencer Marketing & Strategy for The Uncovery, Unilever's Beauty & Wellbeing Incubator. Reema works across brands such as Ferver Skincare, Mojo Wellbeing, Smooth Headcare, and Duck Lip Vibes, among others. Previously at WW International, she was Senior Director of Marketing, Celebrity & Influencer Relations where she built and led the brands talent relations department that engaged celebrity talent such as Ciara, Kate Hudson, DJ Khaled, James Corden, influencer talent, members as ambassadors as well as brand casting.

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