Photo of Anselmo Araujo

Anselmo Araujo

Vice President, Global Creative, Storyful - Newscorp


Anselmo Araujo, Vice President, Global Creative Brands— Storyful, breathes innovation into
traditional advertising models with an authentic and unique approach to the future of the
industry by leveraging trustworthy user-generated content to create meaningful campaigns for brands partners of the NewsCorp subsidiary.

With over eight years in marketing communication, creative content strategy, new business
development and ad tech strategies, Anselmo has grown his team by 50 percent this fiscal year, demonstrating positive impact on the company’s revenue goals. Trilingual and originally from Brazil, Ansel’s LATAM experience helps shape his approach to the global market. He oversees the global brand portfolio including Mattel, Pepsi, Google, Hershey’s, Aer Lingus, Ford UK, Lipton APAC and many more.

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