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Mars Millisic

Creative Director


Marisa ‘Mars’ Milisic is an award-winning Creative Director, Writer and self-proclaimed weirdo. She has a bold passion for storytelling that can impact the world and believes any great creative is also a great strategist.

She’s spent the majority of her career working for global agencies on globally recognized brands and campaigns. Not only has she worked for some of the biggest names in the game, but she finds herself fortunate enough to have worked with some of the most creative, kind and brilliant minds in the industry. Her work is deeply rooted in human connection and understanding, and she is able to bring these truths to life through many sorts of mediums—long form, short form, internet form, experiential… you name it.

When she’s not cracking briefs (and a couple of jokes along the way) you can find her spending time on pro bono work and mentoring others. She is currently a Board Member of the Trevor’s Treks Childhood Cancer Foundation, with the mission to help facilitate research into the causes of childhood cancer and to develop the means to eradicate those causes through National legislation entitled Trevor’s Law.

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