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Ken Lowery

Creative Director, Social Media


I’ve been working agency-side in social media since 2010. I first got into the business after creating and launching @FakeAPStylebook on Twitter with a team of friends in 2009 – we rapidly gained tens of thousands of followers, appeared in national media and published a book. We were even nominated for a Shorty once or twice.

This nearly overnight success signaled my shift from journalism to advertising.
I’ve been brainstorming, writing and creative directing for brands ever since, from local groups to international brands like Verizon FiOS, Papa Johns, and most recently Samsung. In large agencies and for large clients I’ve written and overseen production of a wide variety of net-new material. For boutique agencies, I frequently strategized and wrote all calendars, peaking at approximately 20 calendars a month across 11 clients at once. I do lead, but I like to keep a hand in the game, and still frequently write some of the highest-performing posts we put out, and personally handle community management for live chat.

Currently, I oversee the social media team for Samsung Mobile US, which includes B2C and B2B, paid and organic, for Meta, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, Reddit and more.

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