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Bill Strickland

Editor, Bicycling Magazine


I like telling stories about life, mostly about bikes and life, as it turns out. I wrote the books Ten Points: A Memoir, and Tour de Lance: The Extraordinary Story of Cycling’s Most Controversial Champion, and Mountain Biking: The Ultimate Guide to the Ultimate Ride. I compiled and created parts of the books The Quotable Cyclist, and On Being a Writer. And I was the co-author of Johan Bruyneel’s book, We Might As Well Win. Various editions of all those have been translated into Dutch, German, Hebrew, and Japanese. These days, I’m the editor-in-chief for Bicycling. I used to be the editor-at-large, which I still think sounds cooler, being at large. I’ve published stories in Mountain Bike, Men’s Health, Men’s Journal,Parenting, Parents, Backpacker, Rouleur, Embrocation Cycling Journal back when it was still really good (the first five or six issues), The Indianapolis Star, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times Book Review, and other magazines and newspapers, and I’ve commented on cycling, memoirs, and other topics for Good Morning America, The Early Show, The CBS Morning Show, Entertainment Tonight, AC360, The Larry King Show, CBS Sports, ESPN, NPR, and other networks. I race road and cyclocross for an amateur club, Kapelmuur Independent, just a little bit and not very well. Somewhere along the way I got a Wikipedia entry, although I ought to point out that despite such a primary source claiming I have been disambiguated, I don’t feel that way at all. The best way to start a correspondence with me is @TrueBS. I guess I should also admit that I punctuate, especially with commas, by sound and rhythm instead of grammatical rules, which is a terrible way to do it but the only way that makes me happy.

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