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Lowry Yankwich

Independent Podcast Producer


I'm a collaborative, driven, and musically-inclined independent producer. I made my first podcast, 30 Bach, about a musical obsession and have since made podcasts about music and environmental policy. I write, host, and edit. My first podcast won 2 Signal Awards.

Since creating 30 Bach, I have collaborated with Tonebase, a music education platform, to create a second classical music podcast, "The Tonic," which aims to make lectures and lessons by Grammy-award winning artists accessible to students and music-lovers around the world, weaving in historical, scientific, and cultural elements to enrich musical stories. I have also collaborated with Salastina, a Los Angeles-based chamber music group and concert presenter.

Beyond the realm of music, I have a background in law, and specifically environmental law. I currently am collaborating with the Harvard Energy & Environmental Law program to guest host episodes of their "CleanLaw" podcast, interviewing experts in the realms of offshore wind development, corporate sustainability, and other topics.

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