Photo of Shannon Simpson Jones

Shannon Simpson Jones

Co-founder, verb.


Shannon Simpson Jones is co-founder of Verb, a marketing consultancy that is redefining how consumers experience and interact with brands. Verb gives brands a new type of partner, providing a holistic approach to integrated and experiential campaigns, brand partnerships, and proprietary platforms. At Verb, Shannon leads a diverse bi-coastal team, working with clients including Netflix, Everlane, and Amazon. Shannon is a natural-born leader; inspiring her team to reach new heights and deliver for clients by staying ahead of the curve on industry trends. She also has exceptional business leadership skills - Shannon co-founded Verb just over two years ago, and she has already been on some of the industry’s largest stages including SXSW, Fast Co-Innovation Festival, and CultureCon. Additionally, Shannon was named to the 2019 AdAge 40 Under 40.

As an avid seeker of innovation, Shannon has continued to keep her clients and her team on top of the latest trends in culture and entertainment. She is especially skilled in identifying key business challenges brands face and prioritizing and managing resources to solve them. Utilizing these skill sets, Shannon has also been working to build a platform in the death care industry to support people with end of life planning.

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