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Kelly Lovell

Youth Mobilizer & CEO, Lovell Corporation


Kelly Lovell, acclaimed Youth Mobilizer, is globally recognized for her expertise on engaging Millennials and Generation Z. As CEO to Lovell Corporation and MyEffect Lovell focuses on bridging the gap between business and community to create opportunities for the next generation to thrive. 

Lovell Corporation is one of Canada's leading millennial marketing consultancy and influencer marketing agencies, helping businesses develop effective youth marketing and millennial employee retention strategies. Putting these insights into practice MyEffect’s talent development and cause marketing platform helps organizations recruit and retain millennial talent.

As 16-time award-winning thought leader Lovell frequently advises private-public stakeholders on topics of digital inclusion, the future of business, women’s entrepreneurship and youth development. From speaking at the United Nations to spending the weekend with the first woman Prime Minister of New Zealand, her leadership impact is far reaching. A Queen’s Young Leader, Lovell personally met Queen Elizabeth II in 2016 and most recently was named Startup Canada's 2017 Young Entrepreneur of the Year - an award that recognizes entrepreneurs 25-and-under that are making a transformative impact to the Canadian entrepreneurship ecosystem.

She is also a 2017 G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance Delegate, 3-time TEDx speaker,
and the youngest policy advisor for the W20 Digital Disruptors Impact Scenario team.

Truly dedicated to bridging the gap to the next generation and spotlighting the potential of young influencers, Lovell’s most recent book The Power of YOUth, shares over 200 stories of youth aged 6 years-old to 30 years-old who are changing the world.

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