Photo of Tynesha Williams

Tynesha Williams

SVP Executive Creative Director, 3AM


Tynesha is SVP, Executive Creative Director of 3AM. She is a daring creative and problem solver with an extra large side of cultural expertise; The New Business combo meal. She not only builds creative departments with that same mix of fearlessness, but also consistently builds strong creatives. A self-proclaimed “shaper,” she has long been committed to finding better ways for consumers to engage with brands, and has helped craft award-winning, attention-grabbing campaigns for companies like Google, Meta, CoronaUSA, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, HBO, Amazon, FX, AT&T, Chevy, MINI, Doritos and Jack in the Box. She has played in some of the industry’s biggest arenas including Cannes and the Super Bowl, with a #3 finish on the Ad Meter. Tynesha not only knows her way around the advertising space, but also brings a diverse skill set that includes directing, and screenwriting.

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