Rosa Lee Timm

Chief Marketing Officer / President, CSD Social Venture Fund


For more than 20 years, Rosa Lee also has had a prominent and successful career as both an American Sign Language model and a deaf performance artist where she has been featured in countless stage productions, performance troupes, and videos. She is widely known for her YouTube ASL music videos, her work as a solo performer of The Rosa Lee Show, and as a lead actor in ASL Films’ feature film Versa Effect.

Born deaf, Rosa Lee grew up in a very close-knit, religious, biracial, deaf family whose first language was American Sign Language. Rosa Lee attended the Indiana School for the Deaf and later graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) with a bachelor of science degree in social work. Currently, Rosa Lee Timm holds two titles as Chief Marketing Officer of Communication Service for the Deaf and President of CSD Social Venture Fund, the world’s largest deaf-led social impact organization. She currently lives in Maryland along with her partner and two young children.

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