Photo of Normurod Khasanov

Normurod Khasanov

CEO and Founder, ACIM Marketer, Senior Graphic Designer


My name is Normurod and I am an experienced ACIM marketer, Business consultant, Senior Graphic Designer, and Creative Director.

I have been working in the sphere of Branding, Design, and Marketing since 2014.
In 2020, I decided to extend our services and founded my main company "ADMIRE" LLC.

Nowadays, we have several projects operating under our main company given below:

1. "Branding Design" - Branding Agency;
2. "Marketing" - Full services of marketing;
3. "Consulting" - Business consulting services;
4. "Clarity" - NFT and Metaverse projects / Social interviews / Creativity share;
5. "ADMIRE School" (in the process);
6. "ADMIRE University" (in the process).

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