Photo of Sy  Kraft

Sy Kraft

SVP, Brand Strategy, Flux Branding


Often called "The Glue," Sy is a go-getter and true study of the human condition. He believes that strategic brand design in particular, is the art of pinpointing the balance between brand intention and consumer perception.
“Go with your gut. Verify or debunk with data. Be smart about sharing out with influence. Make it public and shine in its best contextual light. Follow up and tell richer stories thereafter. Do your homework. Lead. INSPIRE.
Never be satisfied with the easy answer because the easy answer isn't necessarily the one that will transform your business. I'm always looking for that key thought or strategic gem that will be the catalyst for great ideas. Never do work with winning awards as an objective.”

After repeated stints in NYC, California, Mexico, London and Austin, Sy returned to California in 2017 after decades removed from his college years in both Santa Barbara and Northridge. He currently lives in the NoHo Arts District. Sy also loves his classic cars, motorcycle and a fairly robust collection of books and art that his friends have created over the years. He's always up to try something new and prefers to explore new galleries, restaurants, installations and road trips when life allows for a few extra moments to steal away.

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