Photo of Stephen Leps

Stephen Leps

Brand and Content Strategy Director


With 20+ years at various client-side, advertising, and publishing companies, I’ve built brands in the United States, Canada, and globally. I create brand stories that are strategically insightful, and connect them to audiences in authentic and innovative ways to drive engagement. I take pride in speaking the language of every platform fluently and believe you should be as thoughtful with where and how you reach an audience as you are with your message.

I build teams and create work environments that are agile, can wear many hats, and knowledgeable of today’s diverse media landscape. I’ve worked at the best ad agencies in the world, run a brand publishing studio, and now work client side bringing the business mind of a CMO. Regardless of environment, I believe in outsmarting rather than outspending the competition.

I’ve spoken at numerous industry events, and been selected to judge at
numerous award shows including Cannes. But the most rewarding part
of what I do is when it gets recognized outside the industry. Ellen Degeneres
declared some of my work among her all-time favorites, my work has been on display at the Museum of Modern Art, and I’ve had a random stranger say they liked something I created without being prompted, which is as good as any award you could ever get.

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