Photo of Victoria Keichinger

Victoria Keichinger

Vice President, Brand Marketing


As Vice President of Brand Marketing for Coldwell Banker, Tori Keichinger has her hand in every facet of today’s new media landscape from launching industry-leading national advertising campaigns to execution of the brand’s national media plan and fostering top tier brand partnerships in media and beyond.

With a wild mind, but disciplined eye, Tori Keichinger has found a way to turn her marketing passion into business results. Tori drove implementation of the largest rebrand initiative in the company’s 115+ year history, ultimately repositioning the brand within the industry and competitive landscape. In her tenure with the brand, she has also developed and launched national advertising campaigns that are ranked the highest rated real estate ads of all time for twelve years running, according to AceMetrix. And her execution of the brand’s national media plan across broadcast, streaming, search, social and more and has led to first-of-its-kind dynamic media units and fostered brand integrations with top-tier partners such as NBC, 20th Century Fox, Amazon, MLB, Samsung and others in media and beyond.

When she's not nurturing a culture of storytelling at work or traveling the world, she finds herself most at home in Pennington, NJ with her pre-school crush turned spouse and two kids.

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