Photo of Naomi Hirabayashi

Naomi Hirabayashi

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Shine


As Chief Marketing Officer of, Naomi is part of the senior management team that helped launch membership resulting in the growth of 150,000 members to over 4 million. In her 5 years at, she lead the creation of the marketing team that handles all earned, donated and owned media strategy and outreach for over 20 cause campaigns a year. 

Naomi is also the co-founder of Shine - a product of daily texts and customized responses to help women, and all working professionals, slay the day with confidence tips, work hacks and humor:

Her passions include: the intersection of media for good, closing the confidence gap for women, getting more young women to channel Amy Poehler in their day to day, and supporting the Samburu Tribe in North Central Kenya.

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