Photo of Lars Silberbauer

Lars Silberbauer

Global Director Social Media and Search, LEGO Group


Lars Silberbauer Andersen, Global Director of Social Media & Search Marketing, LEGO Lars is GlobalDirector of Social Media & Search Marketing at the LEGO Group and is driving the well know and innovative toy company’s social media & search strategy and execution. He has been building the company’s social media engagement from scratch and now leads a global team of social media & search marketeers that drives real time engagement with consumers world wide.

In 2014 he launched LEGO® TV in 24 markets. LEGO® TV is a native mobile experience for kids where they can experience high quality animated LEGO content and also heads up the LEGO YouTube channels.

Lars is based in London and has previously he worked for 10 years in the digital and broadcast media industry as digital strategist and later creative manager driving digital strategy and leading project development for Danish Broadcasting Corporation. He has also worked in the US, driving web development and user research. He holds and MA in Digital Media Science and a HD in Innovation and Organizational Strategy.

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