Emil Lanne

Executive Creative Director, Critical Mass


Emil Lanne (Group Creative Director) blends his expertise in marketing and product design to create digital experiences and campaigns full of craftsmanship and attention to detail. At Huge, Emil oversees a variety of work and challenges ranging from global marketing campaigns and e-commerce product design to mobile applications and branding. Emil started his career in Stockholm in the mid nineties as a Designer and Art Director working with interactive advertising and web design at agencies such as Abel & Baker, POKE London and BBH. In 2007 he co-founded Your Majesty but eventually moved on to start up the LBi US office as a Group Creative Director in 2009. Emil has worked on a wide range of clients in his career, such as Adidas, SEAT, Cap’n Crunch, Coca-Cola, Volvo, Sony, Johnny Walker, Neutrogena, Splenda, GE, Barclay’s and The Observer. During his 15 years in the interactive advertising business, Emil has received multiple awards from D&AD, BIMA, CLIO, Webby’s and One Show; most recently, he earned the People’s Choice Award at SXSW and two CLIOs for his work on Americans Elect. Emil holds a degree in Design for Interactive Media from the Capital School in Stockholm.

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