Brittany Furlan



Brittany Jayne Furlan grew up in a small town outside of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. At a young age she was entertaining and performing; she participated in local talent  shows and was always in her high school theater plays. She studied at The Conservatory of Music in Doylestown Pennsylvania and initially wanted a career in music but ended up finding acting to be her true calling when she moved to Los Angeles, alone, at the age of 17. She was discovered one night in a bar by a casting director from the E! Network and was brought in to audition for a new improv comedy series, “Reality Hell”. She booked the role and did one full season, the only season of the show. She continued booking roles on more improv comedy shows including Lifetime’s “Prank My Mom” until she discovered the Vine app in 2013. 

Brittany developed a massive following almost immediately on the app due to her quick comedic wit and now has amassed nearly 9 million followers. She landed a role in the new Zac Efron film, “We Are Your Friends”, coming 2015, she’s creating her own improv comedy series produced by Robot Chicken’s Seth Green and she has a book deal in the works. Brittany currently resides in Los Angeles California with her two dogs. 

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